mud, and not the garden or laundry kind.

Do you ever feel off-kilter?            kaddy-whompus?         or just uncomfortable in your own skin? 
That's me right now. 
I want to write on here about how adorable Henry is (and you betcha, it's true), and how much I'm enjoying the spring bulbs popping up (i really am), and how inspired I am by the projects I'm working on (knitting, weaving, drawing, designing *and* screen printing), but I just can't get my heart behind writing about those things.  I'd like to wait to blog until things are feeling sunny again, but it has already been so long since I wrote in here, and these feelings right now are very real, too. 
So, I'm just going to sit with this, right here and right now. 

Here is a favorite quote from the Tao Te Ching *

     Do you have the patience to wait 
     till your mud settles and the water is clear?
     Can you remain unmoving 
     till right action arises by itself?

I'm waiting and breathing.
What do you do?

*Stephen Mitchell's translation


kat said...

thanks for sharing *all* marvelous parts of yourself, melinda. your quote makes me think about the one that suggests we be patient and "live the questions now." a good reminder as i impatiently await warmer weather.

melissa said...

i think waiting and breathing are the perfect solution.
sending you a giant hug, and wishing i could deliver it in person!

cmv said...

what a beautifully honest post and wonderful quote. i'll tell you, it came to me right at the perfect time too. let's take a deep breath together, shall we!
what always helps me is to remember that the one and only thing we are guaranteed in life is that absolutely everything is temporary.
sending warm wishes your way!

Kate said...

Such a wonderful quote. Waiting and breathing is good.

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