Sneak Peek

The sketch book and craft table (okay, dining room table...and the windowseat...and the floor) have been very busy lately with tea towel crafting.  I'm doing the swap* hosted by Soozs (I heard about this swap  from Myrtle and Eunice--here is her swap gem).

sidenote: I love reading the crafting blogs from Australia.  They talk about lemonade and fainting from the heat at the same time that we have a foot of snow on the ground.  I love the garden posts and canning photos at times that I actually miss pulling a couple of weeds and I've got a bunch of empty jars waiting to be filled.  And the Christmas posts while talking about hot weather, that just floors me.

So, anyway, I signed up for 10 swap partners and 9 of my partners are in Australia.  I sent a package this week to Tasmania--really, I did.  When staying at home with a baby makes your life feel a little small, you should send mail to Tasmania.

I've received 3 towels in return so far, but I'll save those photos for another day.  For now you get to see my screen for printing, and a towel wrapped and ready for the envelope.  I'm really proud of the results since this was my first experience with screen printing.  New ideas for using this screen keep tumbling through my head now.

My dining room table may never be the same.

*if you check the swap link (here it is again), I have to add that I adore the bicycle towels, but that Mr. Darcy towel makes me swoon.


melissa said...

oooh the sneak peek is just taunting!!! :) i can't wait to see the real thing!

and yes, mr. darcy is so completely swoonilicious!

Tania said...

Oh, so excellent you played along - how glorious to receive tea towels from all the way over your way! (and the sneak peek looks fab). Between you and me, the hot weather and Christmas still floors me - and I grew up eating roast turkey in forty degree celsius weather!

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