I've been quiet, but not really.

Sometimes things are quiet here because I'm not up to much and have little to say. 
This is not one of those times.  When Spring hits with full force I feel compelled to complete every old winter craft project, start my summer house projects and maintain the gardens and slow the weeds---all at once.  Working at home with myself as a boss is killer!  Maybe that is why I don't post as often.  I don't want anyone to know just how nutty I can get. 

So, instead of divulging all of my secrets, I'll leave you with this picture.  A baby in a bike helmet is irresistible. 


Souhair said...

Very cute photo!!!

melissa said...


Lovely World said...

It is nice for you to have a photo of you and your very sweet baby. Since I always carry the camera, I am hardly in any of them!

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