sandbox, originally uploaded by quirky granola girl.

We went to the park last weekend to try out his sand toys from the Easter Bunny. For the first 20 minutes, he just sat there with his hands up trying not to touch the sand. He did not like the texture at all. The other kids came over to play with his toys, and Henry just watched me dig and play with them. Then I buried his feet and legs in the sand and patted the sand down firmly, and then he decided that he knew how to do that. Pretty soon he was grabbing the sand in his fingers, kicking his feet around and scooting over to the sand castles that the other kids built so he could grab a handful of that sand. All in all, we spent an hour and a half or more there and he cried when we left and then refused his afternoon nap.


Lily Boot said...

I love the look on his face! Isn't it amazing how in just half an hour, our wee ones can go from "oooooh! I don't know or like this" to "this is may favourite thing and look how clever I am with it!" Ah the magic of a growing child. :-)

melissa said...

what a cute photo - love the baby foot sticking out of the sand!

cmv said...

oh how cute is that! can i please reach in there and grab that foot? nicely, of course.

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