swap towels from all over Australia

When I learned geography in school, I think I liked coloring in the maps better than knowing the actual regions. But the combination of this tea towel swap and a little Google Maps magic and now geography is fun again.

First, I unveil the lovely work that was sent to me by my nine international swap partners. There is a good variety of stenciling, applique, screen printing, sewing and fabric transfer work. Now I can have an gallery show in my kitchen.

And now I can show you how I geeked out with the geography of Australia. If you click on a push pin, you'll see the towel from that area. Melbourne has 5 push pins, so you'll want to zoom in before checking that one out.

View Tea Towels in a larger map


melissa said...

what fun!!
i am totally loving your interactive map!
and the tea towels are fun too.... can't wait to see the ones you sent out!

Gina said...

LOVE the map idea. You got a lovely array of towels there... I really should blog mine soon!

Heather said...

Wow, this is so cool! That is a gorgeous collection of towels. Looks perfect

Lovely World said...

It sounds like this was a great swap. I love the map you made - a little beyond my technological grasp!

cmv said...

how awesome is this?! so much fun!

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