Project #1--Backyard Fence

The fence has been in a sorry state since the day we moved in.  Every post was rotted through and it was held up (poorly) with metal stakes and wire and old stumps.


I did not do any fancy tilting of the camera to shoot this picture.  It really was that crooked.

This project was completed with the excellent and talented help of my neighbors.  Greg, next door, is a general contractor and Darrell, through the backyard, is an electrician.  Since I wasn't strong enough to work the two-man power auger (I would love to have photos of this but that would have been seriously uncool in their company.), I did all I could with the other tools to be helpful and not get in anyone's way.  I now know how to (manually) dig a post hole, how to use a breaker bar, how to tamp the dirt and concrete, how to measure out the posts and make the fence level and true.*  That's a lot to learn in a day in exchange for water, sandwiches and some beer.  I have the best neighbors ever.

*Whacking at stumps and old concrete, weeding some wicked garlic mustard and taking out small trees were just bonus activities.  


 don't you love the compost bin highlighted in this picture?

I think it turned out rather well.

How about you?  What are you taking on this Spring?


Britt said...

Project 1: PLANT MOAR TOMATOES. I planted a bunch last year, and they were doing fine until the blight got them. :( I'm planning to plant an early cherry and a late cherry, and 2-3 larger varieties.

Project 2: Build slightly raised area and plant with a large-leafed hosta to create a more graceful "flow" in the front yard.

Project 3: Find excellent bench with a colorful cushion for the front hallway.

Project 4: Paint the front hallway to compliment excellent new bench.

Project 5: Paint the living room. (Not sure if I'll get this far... but I'm very tired of the purple walls.)

Project 6: If Project 5 happens, find new curtains to compliment exciting new living-room paint job and the rug.

With the exception of 1 & 2, this is all indoor stuff, and not very spring-like, but at least with the nice weather we can open windows to let out the paint fumes!

J's project is to reseed the front margin of our lawn, where the grass consistently gets totally killed by all the salt plowed up onto the yard in winter. And maaaaybe I'll help him with that. It's only fair, as he'll be helping with the painting. :)

melissa said...

the fence looks awesome!!

good work!
(and yes, i noticed your compost bin almost immediately!)

Lovely World said...

Your yard looks pretty (at least what I can see here). Lucky you to have handy neighbors.

cmv said...

wow, that's super impressive! it looks wonderful and it must be so fabulously satisfying now to sit back and look at your beautiful work every day!

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