Grading and Cooking

Ben's grading calculus exams right now.  I don't want to trade places with him, so I'll self evaluate my cooking club contribution for last week. 

I'm lucky enough to have other stay at home parent friends that like to cook.  We get together once a week and make a huge batch of food so everyone has dinner to take home plus a dinner for the freezer.  We take turns watching the kids play and turns chopping and cooking. (I'm lucky that Paul is willing to be the master onion chopper--I hate burning onion eyes.)  Last Monday I was in charge of choosing the recipe and gathering the ingredients. 

We made homemade gnocchi (pictures in honor of melissa):

rolled, cut and attempted flicking over fork tines--they look kind of terrible.

rolled and cut only--pretty little pillows.

Unfortunately, upon eating, all of these landed like lead hockey pucks in your stomach.
Grade: Needs Improvement, C-/D+
I need to try more recipes and see if I can figure out this fork business. 

Luckily we also made pasta sauce from scratch and a huge batch of tasty baked meatballs.  Those items turned out nicely, so maybe I'll change my grade to a B- for the whole project.

Have you done any cooking experiments that went well or not so well?  Do you have anyone you like to cook with?  Curious minds want to know.


melissa said...

thank you for the pictures!!
they're adorable, even if they did hit your stomach like a hockey puck!

Kristin said...

I made gnocchi a few weeks ago, and the texture was all wrong. They got gummy when cooked and they had the "lead hockey puck" effect when eaten. Let me know if you find a good recipe!

Nicole said...

Gnocchi do that to me every time, homemade or not. Now I plan for that and make the gnocchi a small side dish instead of the entree. I hope you find a recipe for lighter, fluffier gnocchi!

Heather said...

I have had so many issues with making gnocchi. I can't wait to hear if you find a recipe that you really love!

cmv said...

mmmm i love gnocchi! sorry that they didn't turn out quite to your liking, i imagine they are a very hard thing to get right. they sure are cute little buggers though!

Lily Boot said...

That is such a cool idea! Bummer about the gnocchi. I made duck ravioli on the weekend - well I made the pasta, Julian made the duck. But I made the pasta too thick and the resulting little pillows were a bit dense! They definitely need to be much thinner next time so we taste the stuffing and not just flour!

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