Heavy Gardening

I've skipped all triathlon training for the past week because I've been putting long hours in the garden.  I start around 8am and sometimes I don't come in at night until 10:30pm.  We've had some hot weather lately, so I've been gardening in the dark by camping headlamp when it is cooler.  crazy?  or crazy smart?

Anyway, we decided that Henry needed a sandbox and that is how the whole project began.  I got this great idea from Carolyn: take one small swimming pool buried in the ground and fill it with play sand.  I added the idea of staking down one of our tent footprints over the sandbox as a cover.  For an investment of $14, Henry has been having a blast.

This is the before photo for perfect sandbox home:  
(this photo is from 2 years ago, so you see the old fence)

Finding the right space for these three hostas ended up with me digging up and transplanting over 25 different plants.  Some of the plants were so big that I could barely lift them.   So, I think I've still gotten enough workouts in.

I have to add a sidenote about triathlon training and gardening.  For the last 4+ years, I would have been crippled by back pain and sciatica after only 2 or 3 hours of gardening.  I'd be super disappointed that I'd overdone it but still complaining (while laying flat on my back on the floor) that there was so much more to be done. 
Who knew that swimming would do wonders for my gardening?

Henry has had a ton of time with me outside this week.  Sometimes he helps in the garden by yanking and tearing hosta leaves, tossing (or eating) mulch and digging (and eating some) dirt.  He looks pretty proud of his handiwork, doesn't he?  Now if he could just put those skills to work in the sandbox without eating too much sand. 

I'll have to post more of the garden design pictures soon.  I may even let you peek in my garden journal if I'm feeling brave.  Until then, what are you up to outside?


Tania said...

Have come over unreasonably envious of summer gardening (like a woman possessed) activity. Things all hibernation a go-go in this neck of the woods...

melissa said...

what a clever idea for a sandbox!

i left town to come and meet my new nephew without getting the rest of my garden planted - hopefully brian will have it in for me before i get back next week!

rdelljohns said...

This morning, the dogs and I spooked some wild turkeys (I didn't see them, the lab did, and the poodle was far too busy looking for something rotten in which to roll!) up on the bluff behind the house. Our morning constitutional was unusually damp, and I felt that I might know what it's like to be in a rain forest. It really was beautiful, humidity notwithstanding.

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