Project #2--Weeding

Spring starts with crocus season,

(this is a Siberian crocus and stands only 2 and a 1/2" tall and the bloom only lasts a day)

then there is daffodil season,

(these are the daffodils in Henry's garden)

and then during fern and lilac season...

...comes the onslaught of the dreaded dandelions.

I love a pretty dandelion crown as much as the next girl, but there has to be a limit--especially if you want to be friends with the neat lawned neighbors.

I've pulled a five gallon bucket stuffed full of dandelions today.  This is the seventh one of the season.  That doesn't count the four buckets that Ben pulled...

Luckily Henry has a blast cruising up and down the driveway in his walker while I'm weeding on my hands and knees.

And if he gets too rascally, then Ben finds a way to entertain him in the yard.

Are you working on any possibly pointless projects lately?  
Really, please tell me all about it because it would take my mind off of the other weeds popping up.


melissa said...

that crocus is gorgeous!

i've been flitting from a number of random projects today - hopefully none of them are "pointless," but i'm sure some of them rate pretty low on the "usefulness" scale!

cmv said...

oh what beautiful blooms! thanks for sharing them so those of us stuck in fourth floor apartments can live vicariously! that picture of henry helping out with the lawn mowing is too adorable!

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