Summer is here!

The summer solstice is nearly a month away, but I'm going to call it.  We've had 90˚+ for two days, Henry has been in the kiddie pool three times in two days, and...

...the tomatoes are in the ground.  I planted four varieties: Wisconsin 55, Roma, Brandywine and Juliet grape.  I usually do 6 or 7 tomato plants, but it is very hard to can at boiling hot temps with a child underfoot, so I scaled back.

I also got a little silly in the garden, like these gnomes guarding the snap peas from the naughty chipmunks.

I was in the garden tonight until 9:30pm.  I don't usually garden in the dark, but I had more seeds to plant and 80˚ and dark was better than 90˚ plus and sunny.  I almost started a rhubarb pie when I got in tonight, but my energy fizzled out.

Oh!  I thought of one last harbinger of summer:  we leave to go camping tomorrow!  I may have to make the pie before we leave.  We used to be backpack campers, but if we have to do car camping with a baby, we might as well enjoy some homemade pie.



melissa said...

well if summer has to be here already at least it comes with garden gnomes!!
we only have one, and he's reading a book. but you're making me want to go out and get some other, more vigilant, gnomes to help keep the bunnies away from our garden!!
(there, now you can add gnome-pusher to our list of things you've influenced me about!)

Britt said...

I concur that summer is definitely here.

My internal monologue this morning was, "Must ... get ... out ... of ... bed ... before ... it ... gets ... hotter."

I was cooled off by a couple of lovely sun-showers while I ran, though!

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