First Birthday!!

I'm three and a half weeks late in posting first birthday photos.  In my defense, I had 10 house guests during that time, a triathlon, and a vacation across the country.  So, I've caught my breath, and now I'm ready to sit down and sort through the five dozen pictures I took to pick out a few.

And a birthday post wouldn't be complete without some birthday crafting.  Presenting the hungry-gator-eating-a-number-one bib:

and the birthday bunting.

The second photo is a close up of the fabric choices.  We'll hang this up every June, so I wanted to pick some fun colors and prints that he might like in the future, too. 


melissa said...

it looks like a wonderful day!
i love the look on henry's face while he's eating the cake - too adorable!

the bib is awesome! (you and your sewing skills have been blowing my mind as of late!)
and i love the bunting. that last shot is fantastic! so many bright cheery colors, a perfect start to a birthday tradition!

Heather said...

Really love homemade birthday bunting. Great idea! Also, obligatory 1-year birthday picture with cake all over kid -- always so cute.

cmv said...

oh congratulations on your wonderful and growing-fast little henry! i completely and utterly adore the birthday crafting- what a brilliant idea! the bib is adorable and the flags are such a wonderfully sweet tradition to look forward to seeing every year. love that idea!

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