How much fun can a little guy have if a little guy could have fun...

We went to Green Bay to visit my folks this weekend and I took very few pictures without Henry in them.  He's at such a delightful age right now.  It brings me so much joy to see the world through his eyes.

In Henry's world every body of water is made just for him to play in,

doggie friends are always sweet and loving,

each new experience is an adventure to behold,

everybody wants to hold him and give him attention,

kiddie rides are the coolest thing ever,

ferris wheels aren't scary at all (he's singing to himself right here),

and everyone wants to read him a story if he'll sit still long enough. 

Reading all of that, reminds me again that I have to soak it all up now.  Someday he might not think that the carousel operator has the coolest job in the world.


melissa said...

oh melinda - he is looking so amazingly grown up!
i am just loving that picture of him riding the chicken.

glad you had so much fun in green bay!

Lily Boot said...

what a perfect sweetie! It's such a lovely age isn't it - and summer playing makes it even sweeter.

Kella said...

So cute! Siobhan took some convincing about water... she still thinks it's evil until she's actually in it herself. She'll run to wherever someone's showering and scream at them to get out of the water. Then, after a bath has been run, we'll put her in it and suddenly the splashing makes everything ok... lol

cmv said...

what? i went away for a little while and all of a sudden henry is a grown boy? when on earth did that happen? my lord he is just more adorable by the minute (not that i thought that was possible)!

Lindsey said...

He is so adorable!!!
I love that little bucket hat of his.

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