First Paddle

Henry went on his first canoe trip with us last week. He was so stinkin' cute that you'll have to excuse the photo heavy post.

Here he is inspecting the gear.

Then all suited up in his PFD.

Here is our cozy baby spot with cushions and toys tied to strings so we wouldn't litter or lose anything (fyi: this set up got a little tangly, so I retied two of the toys to each side of my seat.)

Some friends asked us how it all worked. Ben did the lion's share of the paddling when Henry was awake. If he was sitting and playing with his toys, I could paddle for a while, but if he was standing and trying to lean over the edge, then I couldn't.  The front of the canoe is a small enough space that I could reach him pretty comfortably.  It also helps that he hasn't figured out how to throw his leg up to climb out of things yet.  He really enjoyed standing up and looking at the water, pointing to the ducks and feeling the breeze on his face. Dragging his shovel in the water was a big hit. So was sitting and pointing at me to order me to paddle some more.

Sleeping boy on the ride back.

Ben and I got to enjoy some quiet couples paddling time during the nap.

This day might have been my favorite day of the whole summer. 
It was so great that we plan to go out again this Saturday.



melissa said...

fantastic! henry looks completely adorable in his pfd and you are a genius to tie his toys to the canoe.

i love the pictures of him sleeping in the boat, just so sweet. i'm glad you all had such a fantastic time and hope you have even more fun when you head back out on saturday!

kat said...

yay! this so happily reminds me of our experiences too. good job getting out there. we cannot say the same for this summer...yet. let's talk soon, ollie calls at the moment. love, k

Lindsey said...

How fun! You guys are adorable in your family life jacket floppy hat picture.

Mama Hoot Designs said...

It looks so peaceful and lovely! I'm wishing you another great trip on Saturday!

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