Wait a second! Let's enjoy some fall right now.

After dipping into Christmas fabrics in my last post, I remembered that there has been a lot of fall celebration when I'm outside of the sewing room.

We went to the apple orchard for some picking:

We went to another apple orchard for various fall festivities:

And there were pony rides!! 

psst! he might be a cowboy for halloween if i can figure out how to do the boots. 
we don't have a horse to walk around the neighborhood, so good boots will be essential to the costume.

We've been scoping out the best pumpkins (here he is with Auntie Tina and Jody):
We've been playing at the park or on the backyard swing set nearly every day:

my dad helped me build this swing set.  i'll have to get pictures of the full set up 
once i'm done moving the flower bulbs and moving the sandbox.  this swing set is a HUGE hit!

And everyone has been wearing shoes.  Now that we have an avid walker and the temps are getting cooler, someone has learned how to say shoe, though it sounds like "schloo."
What are you doing to celebrate fall?


kat said...

Hi Melinda! Love the frequent posts. Glad to see so many smiles!
Love, K

Mama Hoot said...

We've been looking for apple picking, sadly the nearest farm is 45 minutes away and has short, strange hours. We will be going to the pumpkin patch soon and we attended Barnyard Days where my parents live this past weekend. We had some horse petting but no riding. Poor Lil Hoot was too tired by the time she got her special VIP turn with the horse (the Ag teacher is a friend of the family). I'll have pictures up soon...I hope.

Tania said...

Basking in Spring! All the lily white legs are out in warm sun, even though a week and a half ago I was shivering under four layers. Who'd a thunk it?

melissa said...

love the henry turkey picture! he's just too cute.

bring on the fall weather!! i am so enjoying this change of seasons. i had to replace our light cotton blanket with the fleecy one last night - woo hoo for sunggling under the covers!

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