Toddler Gingerbread Houses!

Today we had two of Henry's best buddies over to decorate gingerbread houses.  They turned out so cute that I have to share pictures here.

Henry loved the sprinkles and tucking things into the chimney

Jonas liked the gingerbread bears and munching on the candy canes.

and we could hardly tear Oliver away
 from his "decorating" in order to eat lunch. 

Wishing you all of the joy of the season (and only 1/3 of the chaos!)


~*Jessica*~ said...

Oh my! Those are SO adorable!!!!

Tahruska said...

:D Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

directions please! i want to make one with Eli.
merry x-mas. beth

melissa said...

too too cute!!! what a fun day!!

cmv said...

so so much fun!
this year our kindergartners were sponsored by citibank who sent 50! volunteers to hand out with them and make gingerbread houses. MAN did they have fun! both the kids and the adults were equally enchanted, it was amazing to see these fancy businessmen getting all covered in frosting and competitive about making the biggest, craziest, and most elaborate houses. a HUGE mess but a LOT of fun!

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