Bookworm Corner

The book corner of our living room looks like this two or three times a day.  Our little librarian needs to pull every book off the shelf and page through every title in the collection.  Sometimes we can catch him "reading" to himself, too.


Tania said...

Reading upside down, perchance? The same happens here - but only once a day (all day). I hate tidying. I wait until the all in ten minute tidy and then everyone cleans up the book carpet. Evil, eh?

Lily Boot said...

Abby did exactly this! It must be the precursor of a great love of books :-) What a sweetie your little librarian is. I would shelve them all each night, Abby would toddle out in the morning and ta-da! All the fun would begin again.

Shannon Hillinger said...

I remember my daughter doing that to. It was even cuter when she started having story time for her stuffed animals.

cmv said...

oh that is my kind of boy! that is a very very good sign- you've given a kindergarten teacher LOTS to smile about!

melissa said...

oh he's the cutest little guy!

and good for you for raising a budding young reader!

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