I didn't cook very much in December.  I did make a chicken and stuffing for Christmas.  And some chicken soup.  And I mixed one batch of energy bar cookies, but Ben and Henry baked them.  Oh!  I did make a batch of gingerbread cut outs, and then burnt two pans of them and threw them out in the snow so I didn't have to look at them.  My cooking mojo is pretty sad right now.

But, my felt food mojo is pretty awesome.

The pancakes, syrup and butter were made freehand.  I know I've seen something like this before, but I can't find the inspiration photo or blog.

The bacon is my own design. 

The strawberries are my own, too.

The cookies are just pancakes with buttons sewn on for chocolate chips.

The sandwich is from Myrtle and Eunice's fabulous Let's Do Lunch Felty Sandwich Tutorial. You can find the link in her sidebar.  I machine stitched the tomatoes and I made a few less veins in the lettuce to cut on hand sewing time.

On Christmas morning, Henry wanted nothing to do with the felt food.  He was very busy giving his trains kisses and running them on the tracks.  But, since then, he's taken a break from the trains and the felt food comes out for lots of pretend munching and declarations of "Bacon?  Bacon?!" 

For the new year, I hope to do some kitchen organization/renovation so I want to cook more real food.


~*Jessica*~ said...

Those are adorable! great job!

melissa said...

amazing amazing work melinda!

Anonymous said...

if you feel like making more felted fabric, i'd love some. i'll give you a good commission! beth

cmv said...

oh my goodness- is there any end to your awesomeness?! felt food? you are just too incredible! LOVE these!

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