Check out the Quilting Bee Blocks blog.  I did a guest post of my  top five favorite blocks ever!!

Erin writes the Quilting Bee Blocks blog, and she is also one of the organizers for the Sewing Summit this October.  I really, really, really want to go to that.  really.

(Sidenote: Ever since we bought a house, I look at big ticket items in terms of how many windows that money would buy.  Going to the Sewing Summit would be one and a half to two windows.  So, my creative side and my practical side have differing opinions on the matter.  Stay tuned to see which side wins.)


Lily Boot said...

Is this a new header? it looks so lovely and fresh. That is so cute that work out the money in terms of windows. I used to make scrunchies (those hair things) for the school I worked at and used to work out how much appliances would cost us in terms of scrunchies - our first fridge cost me 400 scrunchies! Hope you get there - think how much more relaxed you will be looking out the windows if you have a wonderful sewing weekend!

melissa said...

oooh - love the blocks you chose melinda.

and not to be an enabler, but you know, a new window isn't stunningly gorgeous and you can't snuggle under it to keep warm....

although... maybe you'd need less quilts if you had new windows?
(i don't know if that last statement is pro or anti window...)

guess i'm no help!

cmv said...

i totally agree with melissa- you made some fabulous choices for your guest post!
and i also agree that the non-snuggle factor of windows makes them a harder sell. excited to hear what you choose!

Lovely World said...

So much quilting going on here! The yoga quote on my recent post was from the Tao Te Ching. I am finding endless inspiration from that right now. Happy weekend.

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