Quilting Bee Blocks

At this time last year, I'd never heard of virtual quilting bees. Now I'm in four bees.  I moderate one of those bees and I moderate one hive in the 3x6 bee. There are always bee blocks to be sewn or to be mailed or to be dreamed up for my turn to request blocks.   Also, there are always bee block photos to post on the blog....

So, without further ado, I bring you the blocks for the May Moms Bee:
Picnic blocks in Bliss
These go out to my friend, Anna, in Finland.  Hi Anna!  ::waving::

for the It's Sew Easy Being Green Bee:
Circle blocks in brown, green and orange
These blocks took a trip to Minnesota.

for the Sew Buzzy Bee:
Snowball blocks in Modern Meadow
These had a very short trip to Chicago.

for the 3x6 Bee:
Deconstructed 9-patch in the colors requested
These blocks went out to Colorado, Indiana, Utah, West Virginia, Missouri and California.

What would you pick if you were planning a quilt?  Are there any shapes or fabric lines or colors that you prefer?  Really, I'm asking.  I'm in charge of the blocks for the Green Bee this month (That's all taken care of.  I'll show you soon.). but I have to plan for my turn in the May Moms Bee in April.


Anna said...

What a wonderful bunch of squares! I'm happy to already have two of them waiting to be sewn together with the rest of the squares :)

melissa said...

what a gorgeous lineup of quilt blocks melinda!
i am constantly amazed/impressed by you and your quilting skills.

Lindsey said...

Wow! I love them all. If I were planning a quilt I'd totally steal the circle block design and maybe alternate blue fabrics on and orange square and orange fabrics on a blue square.

cmv said...

oooh i love them all! what an impressive collection of blocks! incredible how quickly you've jumped into the bee world, and how marvelously you've taken to it. i have to say that i am usually a lover of squares/rectangles (ala your deconstructed 9 patch blocks) but i sure do love your circles and snowballs too! let's face it, i can't choose i love them all

Anonymous said...

Keeps ya just a little bit busy??? :)

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