Small Sewing

I love a good, short, new but not too unfamiliar, useful sewing project.  That sounds like I'm asking a lot, right?  Well, this little cube bag fits the bill.

Within one nap time plus one hour of crafting while Ben and Henry made dinner, I finished all three of these.   I used this tutorial for sizing the bags and making the box corners.  I used this tutorial for the zipper seams and the bottom center seam so that I could limit the amount of raw edges inside the bag. 

I'm pretty proud of combining the two techniques to make the best bag I could. All three went out for a holiday gift, but I'll have to make some for me soon.


Tania said...

You'll need to make a bazillion of 'em and have them on excellent crafty birthday present standby.

PS. Thank you for your lovely email. We live lots south of the awful Queensland floods and more in the region of the more manageable Victorian floods - but still high and dry. It feels like the whole east coast of Australia is under water...

Britt said...

Wow, those are awesome! Those are some mad skillz you have there!

melissa said...

you're amazing melinda.
those box/pouches are amazing!! i especially love the bird fabric, so sweet.

cmv said...

ooh i LOVE these! they are so adorable and i adore the fabrics you chose. but seriously, one naptime and plus one hour? you are like a superhuman sewer!

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