Little guy, big snow

Our deck got slammed with snowdrifts during the Midwestern monster snowstorm. We only shoveled a small path from our backdoor to the driveway and the top of this pile still comes up to my chest. We also have a wicked drift on the back roof. Half of the window to my upstairs bathroom is blocked with snow.

back deck

Luckily, we have a helper.


We use a sleigh shovel on our driveway, and it really came in handy for this deep snow.  You scoop up a big load and then push it over to the side to dump it off. 

sleigh shovel

The drifts did make for some interesting shovel steering, though.

sleigh shovel tracks

Henry had a BLAST with shoveling.


I hope you are staying warm and having winter fun.


Britt said...

J and I debate the efficacy of the sleigh shovel. I like it but J would rather stick with the regular one. We had not recognized its utility as a transportation device, however!

melissa said...

aw i just love that little guy with his blue shovel.

your video is too sweet for words.

cmv said...

woo hoo snow day!
and my goodness you have the sweetest helper ever. it's just incredible how grown up he's looking already. so adorable!

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