8 blocks down

In my last post I mentioned that I have 13 blocks to make this month and 9 quilts to finish. Well, 8 out of 13 blocks in 2 weeks doesn't seem too shabby.

I didn't have the heart to send back Eileen's fabric for the Sew Buzzy Bee until I made one more block.  My brain was obsessed with trying a light/dark version of a string block.

another string block for lucky_charm

Amy of the It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee asked for simple, improv, square in square, less is more blocks.  Mostly, she asked us not to think too much when sewing it.  I like this block a lot and I think I need to explore this aesthetic again soon.

simple, square, improv for bix and bee

And, it is the end of another quarter in the 3x6 Bee.  I use two and a half months to dream about my 6 blocks being done.  Then I slowly make one of 6.  Then I become obsessed and sew like a madwoman until I finish all of them.  This quarter I used the star pattern from sewtakeahike's funky peppermint table runner pattern.  Then I trimmed the blocks to 8.5x9" and sashed them to get a 12.5" square block.  Below are all 6 blocks in the colors requested by my swapees. 

3x6 bee, hive 15, 1st quarter, mosaic

5 more to go...

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melissa said...

wow woman - you are a quilt block making machine!
and each one is so amazingly fantastic, you blow my mind with your skills and your crafty visions.
(i especially like the green/blue block one.)

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