I thought Henry was the one obsessed with buttons.  (Is button-pushing a compulsion in all toddlers?) Well, tonight I've been obsessed with getting my bee, swap and quilt-a-long buttons working in the sidebar.  And now they do.  Feel free to push buttons to your heart's content.  :)

But first, you have to check out fun house mirror photos of Henry.  He said "shirt" when he saw these pictures.

little big


Grey Cat said...

Pushing buttons *is* a toddler obsession. My three year old son, Zebediah, is constantly trying out every controller, remote, and electronic device in the house for buttons.

melissa said...

love the funhouse pictures!

and just to let you know - the button pushing doesn't stop, but when they get older it's mom's proverbial buttons they enjoy pushing. heh heh.

perches said...

buttons are definitely a toddler obsession - mine love our library visits because he gets to push 3 big door-opening buttons in the way in and out of the building.

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