Jewel block

This block is for Felicity in the Sew Buzzy Bee. The green fabric is a little too bright for my taste, but I bet it will look amazing in the format of the whole quilt. Sometimes it is the fabrics that you don't love that really makes a quilt turn from "just fine" to "amazing!"


Britt said...

Wow, I love this! I think it's the geometricness of it (does Ben like it too?) but you know I like the aqua blue, as well. :)

quirky granola girl said...

he did say he likes it. but he might just say that about all of my sewing projects because he knows that we will get along better that way :)

Lily Boot said...

I think the fabric looks fab and its such a great block. Also added to my must try list

melissa said...

wow this is breath-taking.
it's so busy with all the fabrics, yet all those right angles make it calming overall.

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