WIP Wednesday #2

Last week's exercise was very useful in helping me to dig out old projects and put a number on how big my "in progress" pile really was.

Well, now that I'm cleaning out the sewing space, I've found 3 more projects that are lollygagging around.  Really, it is like an archeological dig down there--layer, by layer.  I fear what some of the deepest projects look like....

Anyway, today is another edition of WIP Wednesday hosted at Lee's place.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

New Projects
Super Secret Block (no peeking)

Currently in Progress

Friend One Gift Quilt (no peeking)--and SO CLOSE to being done.

Tiny Houses May Mom's Bee Quilt
tiny houses

Sew Buzzy Bee Quilt Top
top left corner


Dresden Quilt
all sewn up

Mom's Crazy Late Christmas Gift (no peeking)

Fandango Cooperative Quilt--forgot this last week
fandango project wip

Henry's I Spy Quilt--now in progress again
Henry's I spy wip

Finished This Week
5 Bee Blocks!!! -- but you have to wait until tomorrow to see them!

Bee Blocks left to do
1 block for Sew Buzzy Bee
1 block for May Mom's Bee

Languishing in the Pile

Friend Two Gift Quilt (no peeking)

Pink and Red Baby Quilt--new picture
red and pink wip

Henry's Growth Chart--new picture
Henry's growth chart wip

Hand Pieced Ball--totally forgot about this one.
hand pieced ball wip

Dream On postage stamp quilt along--another one that I totally forgot about.
dream on postage stamp wip

Grand Ideas for sometime soon...
Voile and Bamboo Quilt for me and only me.
Baby Miles' Swimmy Quilt

New Projects: 1
Finished Projects: 0
Bee Blocks: 5 done, 2 left
Total Works: 8 (in progress) and 5 (languishing)

Eight in progress?  I'm crazy.  I can see that now.  Thankfully, I stuck with my resolution to not sign up for any new swaps, bees or quilt alongs.

What will I uncover next in my piles in the sewing room?  Stay tuned to find out....


Jennifer said...

I've been uncovering stuff in my piles as well! I've been reinspired to finish things I started. I mean, why did I cut all of the pieces of that and then not just sew them together? That dream on will be beautiful when it's finished and I really like the Ispy. You have some great fabrics in it. Good luck on getting them all finished!

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Ha, I love the "archeological dig" - yep, that's about right. I think my favorite is the Dresden plate - how big is that? Huge? It looks big. And awesome.

Marci Girl said...

I love all your projects and quilts, they are all so beautiful! I especially like the Dream On quilt!

Melinda said...

I need to organize my sewing room as well, but I'm scare of what I'll find! Love your little houses and your Fandango!

Rachel said...

I like your Pink and Red Baby Quilt. It's so bright and cheerful.

Debbie said...

oh wow! Amazing projects! Can't wait to see that grow chart further along. Love the little houses too AND that bee-ing green quilt. very fun!

Melissa said...

For pete's sake - how many bees are you in?! Wow. I love your "easy being green" quilt top, though. I hate making string blocks, but LOVE how they look...especially a monochromatic one like yours! Love it! :)
I'm curious about your voile and bamboo quilt. I've got a friend who wants to do an all-voile quilt (or voile and linen), and I think she's afraid to start because of how tricky voiles can be.
Good luck with all this!

melissa said...

ha! i dont' think you're crazy, i think you're a woman obsessed. (and i can totally identify with that)

i am in love with your easy being green blocks - they're looking so fabulous together!!
and the pinks and reds! and oooh the ball looks great!! is that the same one you were working on when you were visiting?

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