WIP Wednesday #4

Today is another edition of WIP Wednesday hosted at  Lee's place.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I don't play along every week because my lack of progress on WIP's is sometimes too overwhelming.  Once or twice a month seems like plenty of humble pie to swallow.

New Projects
for Lauree
cocorico bee--September's block plans

Currently in Progress

Farmer's Wife Quiltalong--18 out of 111 blocks done.  I made 10 of these this week.  I'm really happy with them and I'll be devoting a post to bigger pictures of the new blocks soon.
first 18

stack of 18

first 18

Sparkling Pond (new name for my Easy Bee-ing Green Bee Quilt)--In the last two weeks I've added eleven blocks to this quilt.  The top is now 72x72".  I was going to stop a long time ago, but now I've decided to add one more row of blocks and a border to get the quilt to 80x92"  This feels like the neverending project, so after this picture, I'm putting this quilt on vacation for a little while.
sparkling pond


Ruby She is gorgeous, but she's leaving machine oil all over my thread, so she's going on vacation for a couple of weeks, too. Maybe in August we can try again.

Languishing on the Sewing Table:  All of the following projects have not been touched in weeks or months, so I'll just quickly list them here:

tiny housesTiny Houses May Moms Quilt

top left cornerSew Buzzy Bee Quilt Top

all sewn upDresden Quilt

Mom's Crazy Late Christmas Gift--**nearly done**, but no photos

fandango project wipFandango Cooperative Quilt

Henry's I spy wipHenry's I Spy Quilt

hexies!Hexie project

Gift Quilt (no peeking)

red and pink wipPink and Red Baby Quilt

Henry's growth chart wipHenry's Growth Chart

hand pieced ball wipHand Pieced Ball

dream on postage stamp wip
Dream On postage stamp quilt along

Finished This Week = zippo.  

Bee Blocks left to do = 3

New Projects: 1
Finished Projects: nada
Bee Blocks: 3

Total Works in Progress (current and old): fifteen!! 


Kelly O. said...
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Kelly O. said...

haha! I'm creeping up on ya! I've got 8 this week--but I don't count bee blocks :)

Donna said...

Wowsers. That's a lot of projects! They all look wonderful, though. Thanks for sharing.

Cassie said...

Your projects are all beautiful!!

LynCC said...

With big quilts like that, I can never do the whole thing from start to finish without putting them away for a while at significant points. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!

M-R said...

Your projects are beautiful. Great job with the FWQAL blocks and I love your sparking pond quilt! Gorgeous!

Jen B said...

I love Sparkling Pond! And I too have a very late Christmas gift that still needs to be made for my mom (goes and hides in the corner).

melissa said...

everything is looking fantastic!
i am loooooooooving the sparkling pond.
and your farmer's squares are looking great together!! love that mermaid!

Rachel said...

Love your Sparkling Pond quilt!

Lee said...

Lack of progress?? Look at all this gorgeousness! Your Farmer's Wife blocks are some of my absolute favorites. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

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