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The sewing has slowed down, but for a good reason. A dear friend is moving away :( but she has generously given us some great furniture which means that my craft room has two new gorgeous wood tables. This round oak table is so beautiful that I may start taking more photos in my studio. I'm stripping the old finish off of the leaves and stripping the other HUGE table, but still fitting in a little sewing.
new sewing table

Lots of summer play in the backyard. This sandbox trick kept him occupied for a little while....
one way to keep him occupied

Even more bike rides in the trailer with Ben. Wouldn't it be fun to have your own chariot to whisk you around town?
bikeride and a graham cracker

Lastly, Henry has gotten pretty good about helping to put his books away. I think it is hilarious how nearly all of the books end up on one shelf. He concentrates so hard to get them all balanced there. Then when he wants to read again, he pulls one of the bottom books out and twenty books spill on the floor all at once.

So, anything random and/or fun happening with you?

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melissa said...

love the henry-sand-castle!! he's so darned adorable!!

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