Henry has been out paddling in a canoe only 4 times. Twice last year and twice this year. And what a difference that year makes. Last year he got frustrated that he couldn't reach the water to splash. This year his hands are in the water the whole time and he is constantly trying to crawl out of the boat to go into the water headfirst.

Last year he slept stretched out in the boat and he didn't even run into me.
sleeping on the paddle back

This year he fell asleep on top my feet and my legs went numb and tingly.
sleeping in the canoe

Last year he sat in my camping chair to play.
squishy face

This year he knows how to really stretch out and lounge.
big guy

The time sure flies by.


Kelly O. said...

oooh how sweet he is!
My kids seem to be growing so fast. It makes me sad. I love little and they just want to get big on me!

kat said...

holy smokes melinda! he looks so big! way to get out camping and canoeing. and your projects look amazing. i wish i could see the world like you do for an hour, all the colors and patterns you must perceive. you must have some strong berry picking genes from ages ago! what a well fed family you must have had. love you, k

melissa said...

oh my goodness.
i am loving these pictures. he's grown so much, but is still such a sweet little guy.

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