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Wisconsin State Fair sign

Whew!  I'm back from vacation and back in this space, too.  The sewing room was busy before I left and the cutting table has been crowded since I came back, but I did not work on any projects for four whole days while we were out of town.  Occasionally worked on some sketches, but mostly it just felt good to be focused on my family.

One of our adventures this last week was a trip to the Wisconsin State Fair with my friend, Tina. We did not try the deep fried butter, but we checked out the pig races,
racing pigs

 did some goat petting,  and some sheep, pig, cow, rooster and rabbit viewing,
pet goats!


ate a corn roast,

one of us took a too-short nap,
nap at the Fair

and three of us split one huge cream puff. 
cream puff splendorcream puff maniac

I'd never been to the State Fair before, but we had a grand time. Next year I may try to enter something in to the fair to be judged. Maybe a quilt or a knitted item or something from my garden.

What about you? Have you ever been to your state's fair? What was your favorite exhibit? Have you ever entered a craft or vegetable or an animal? I'd love to hear more about it.


Jackie said...

I have to admit, I don't get the deep fried butter. The twinkies and pickles, I get (after all, I'm from the south) the butter, just don't get it.

I've never entered anything to the fair but I have friends who have. They did very well. I'm not sure I'll ever enter because I stitch, knit, quilt as a hobby and don't want to move into another arena with it. That's just me though!

Britt said...

We lived across the street from the Dubuque County Fairground. We'd go every day of fair week to look at the animals and the exhibits, and get a big, icy cup of lemonade from the Rotary.

I do not endorse any of the following: If you lick the back of your hand, and press it against the UV stamp on the back of somebody else's hand, it'll transfer, and you can get in free. Also, if you are really careful, you can preserve the stamp from one day to the next, but this is not especially sanitary, because you can't wash your left hand, so don't let any cows lick that hand! If you get up at 6:30 AM you can walk in the back way with the farm kids and their livestock before they close that gate, and not pay admission.

We only got to ride the rides on one day—but we got the all-day bracelets and got our money's worth.

I've never been to a state fair, though!

amandajean said...

You didn't try the deep fried butter?!? I'm trying to imagine how they would even do that?

Nicole said...

One year Rob, Kristin, Darren and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair and saw Pat Benatar play! Darren got a deep-fried Snickers bar.

I hope to enter some knitting or handspun yarn in our county fair this year. I don't even know where the state fair is in Idaho--probably very far away.

kat said...

looks like fun. the only time i've ever been to the wi state fair was when i worked a climbing wall one time. i helped lots of kids harness up and climb to the top. the atmosphere was fun. but if i was an attendee i think i would have to indulge in SOMETHING deep friend for sure. and the cream puff was a fine idea. way to live!

melissa said...

deep fried butter?!?!!
oh how i wish you would have sampled it just so you could have reported back. i bet it is disgusting. disgusting and completely tasty!! :)

love all the fair pictures - henry and the chicken is too too cute, as well as all you grownups eating corn!

i've never been to a state fair (they just seem so BIG) but i love going to the county fair.

cmvs said...

oooh i love the state fair! thanks for taking us with you! i'm completely astounded by how big henry is looking these days (well, and by the deep fried butter-- eek!)

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