I have big plans for a pretty great giveaway in the next week, but before I do that, I'd like you to check out a link from the Pleasant Home blog.  In the post here she tells you how to check if you are a no reply blogger.  I've been getting more comments lately (thank you!), and I'd like to reply to all of them, but if you are a no reply blogger, I can't write you back.  I'd like to be more polite, and I'd like to continue the conversation.  So please check out the link and consider changing your profile.  That way I can write you back *and* you can have a chance to win a custom, handmade item from me to you. 

And, in unrelated news, the cooler fall weather is approaching and I'm loving this guy in his overalls.



Anonymous said...
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lily boot said...

I love the overall stage - I so wish they made them - preferably the stripe ones that look like they came straight off an old train - in adult size!!! My grandad had some Osh Kosh ones that he used to paint in (walls that is) - so they must have made them once upon a time :-) What a sweetie he looks - definitely would like the dog park!

Lucy said...

Such a cute picture! We call them dungarees, and they were they first thing I bought when I was pregnant (as well as wearing them - very comfy maternity ones!!)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, he's so cute in his dungarees - like butter wouldn't melt!!

melissa said...

he's so flippin' cute!!

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