WIP Wednesday #7

It has been far too long since I participated in a WIP Wednesday. There isn't a linky party today, but I needed to organize my project list anyway.

(Please remember that WIP Wednesday is brought to you by at  Lee at Freshly Pieced.)

Projects Finished!

Dr. Seuss Holiday Jammie Pants for Henry.  I finished them last night and now he won't let me take them off of him.  Sewing success!!
dr. seuss jammie pants

December blocks for the do. Good Stitches bee--Scrappy postage stamp blocks for girl and boy quilts.
dream do. good stitches

dream do. good stitches

Front Burner:  these are the things I'm currently working on.

Two custom pincushions for the giveaway! --no photos, I hope to finish them in the next week.

WI block for TinaTina's Quilt --This Wisconsin block is done and I have a curved piecing tent block in process for this quilt!

This is for a pillow for my mom's birthday.  I started with the tutorial from verykerryberry.  My mom would prefer the angled branches, so I made adjustments to the pattern.  The front of the pillow is done.  Now I hope to learn how to install an invisible zipper for the back.  Wish me luck :)

nearly thereKnitting?!?! --these are some leg warmers started nearly a year ago.  If I can remember how I did the cast off on the first legwarmer, I could be done with this project today.  If...

prepping blocks for the fwqal
Farmer's Wife Quiltalong--40 blocks cut out and ready to piece.  The group is on holiday, but I may just have to sew up a few of these anyway.

Henry's I spy wip
Henry's I Spy Quilt --The top is finished and I  think I have my quilting plan all set.  I must get over inertia and baste this soon.  I really want this done in time for Christmas.

Miles' Swimmy QuiltSwimmy Quilt for Miles--I just need to bind and wash it. 

Back Burners:  All of the following projects have not been touched in weeks or months, so I'll just quickly list them here:

sewing together
Hexie Insanity --the pile of hexies sewn together is bigger, but I don't have a recent photo.

sparkling pond
Sparkling Pond --This quilt is still on vacation for a little while.

tiny housesTiny Houses May Moms Quilt

top left cornerSew Buzzy Bee Quilt Top

all sewn upDresden Quilt

hexies!1st Hexie project

red and pink wipPink and Red Baby Quilt

dream on postage stamp wip
Dream On postage stamp quilt along


New = 0
Finished = 2
Front Burner = 7
Back Burner = 8
Works in Progress = fifteen!  I was really hoping to get this number in the single digits by the new year, but that just doesn't look possible at this point....


I Plead Quilty! said...

Don't blame you for putting Sparkling Pond on ice for a bit. I finished a string quilt top last year for a Christmas present and am only now picking it up again. Paper pieced strings are tiring!

Archie the wonder dog said...

You're making so many wonderful things - good luck with them all! Love the jama bottoms, no wonder he doesn't want to take them off!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

These are all fantastic! The PJ pants and Swimmy Quilt are really cute!

Debbie said...

oh my goodness what a bunch of amazing projects!! Love the jammies and the pillow for your mom(!) and the little houses! Great stuff.

Cassie said...

those leg warmers are looking mighty nice :) I am almost done one of mine, and I need to get a move on since it is snowing. Also, I love those pj pants, I need to try and make some for my little one. Good luck with your long list of pretty things!

Suz said...

I like the way you categorise your projects - love the quilting on the swimmy quilt, very appropriate.

felicity said...

Whoa! That's quite a list but they're all so beautiful. I wouldn't know what to start on first!

Kerry said...

I find the invisible easier than the standard zipper honestly! You have a whole lot of projects going on!

melissa said...

i'd wear those pants all day too if i had some!!

love the wisconsin, love the tree, love the knitting....
i could go on and on - you're just making so many amazingly gorgeous projects!!

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