Exciting News!


I've been invited to participate in a block design project called Sew Out Loud {quilters wordplay}.  You'll see the button on my sidebar for the next few months.  Each week (starting February 13th) a different blogger will post a tutorial to an original block design with a sewing theme and using text fabrics.  I'll be posting on April 16th, week 10.  But, I encourage you to attend the kick off event of this sew along by check out Kirie's blog and Julianna's blog.  There is a fabulous giveaway for the kick off.  Fabulous enough that I wish I could win it....  Don't forget to check it out.

And there is more exciting news!  YOU can participate in this project.  There will be a competition to be the 12th block designer.  The judge for this competition is top top secret.  I wish I could tell you.   This judge's designs knock me to my knees.  So...stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations Melinda!

melissa said...

a completely well deserved honor. it makes me so happy when other people realize what i already know - that you are A.mazing!!!!!

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