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I've been helping to organize a quilting retreat with Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts.  Amanda and I met on the internet and she lives in Wisconsin, too.  I met her "in real life" for Penny's retreat in Colorado and we hit it off immediately.  She's just as friendly and funny and knowledgeable as she sounds on her blog.  Amanda has made hundreds of quilts and I'm really looking forward to learning some new quilting techniques on my machine. 

The retreat is over Mother's Day weekend.  In fact, my mom is coming to the retreat with me!  So, I'm triple psyched to be quilting all weekend, learning from a friend and hanging out with my sweet mom.  The sign up deadline is March 28th!!  Please check out the button below and join in if you can.  The venue is beautiful, the retreat is super affordable and Amanda and I would love to create with you.



melissa said...

it always make me happy when you're able to make some time just for you to work on your projects! and that you get to spend that time with your mom?!?! bonus!!

audreypawdrey said...

I know you will all have a blast!

Prof. S said...

Sounds wonderful, I would join you if I could!

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