Interview and more sewing

Remember w-a-y back yesterday when I told you that I was shy?  It is still quite true, but.....I forgot to mention that I did an interview with one of the members of the DC Modern Quilt Guild.  Elle published that interview yesterday.  So, I feel a little dorky, but you should click on over if you have a minute.  She asked some good questions, and I had fun.

In other news, I'm putting a binding on this top I finished last year in February.  I was planning for a long time to give it to my mom.  But now she has started quilting and she decided yesterday that the colors would be perfect for my aunt.



Patchwork and Play said...

Such gorgeous colours- more photos please!

Anna said...

I too would love to see more pictures. What I can see looks amazing, as per usual. :)

Enchanted Bobbin said...

Great interview for your new guild...they're lucky to play with with you! xx J

Anonymous said...

wonderful interview my dear! so glad you've found a group of modern quilters to team up with in dc!!

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