Fancy Block Friday--block design edition

After seeing this block by Lauree (locodowo on flickr) I knew I wanted some strawberries of my own.

SUTK swap sneak peek...

But, I wanted a group of strawberries with a differing amounts of white space in between.  So I started with a rough sketch of Lauree's block.  (This is a *very* rough sketch that I never would have colored or darkened the lines with pen if I wasn't posting it here.  I just had to get the idea down on paper quickly.)


Then I did a rough drawing of three berries, (I don't have this intermediate step pictured because I drew over my first drawing.) and then I turned that into a block design.


I made two photocopies of this drawing.  One I left as is, but numbered the berries.


The second  copy I turned over and placed it on a window and traced the drawing on the wrong side of the paper.  When I paper piece, my image gets flipped, so I want to paper piece on the reverse image.  After tracing, I cut out the individual berry blocks.


So, I don't have a finished block to post, but I hope it was helpful to show how I turn a sketch into a pattern to work with.

(Sometime soon, I'll have to show you how I number my block for the order 
in which I sew the fabrics on.)

Amanda finished a block for her Fancy Friday.  You can see it here.


  1. Thanks Melinda!
    I'm slowly but surely starting to get it :-)

  2. lovely melinda. cant wait to see the next part!

  3. I can't wait to see how your strawberries turn out! And thanks for sharing your process! I've really been wanting to try this, but have no idea of how to do it. :) I can't wait to see how you number them.

  4. LOve this, it makes me hungry, but I do love the cuteness of these strawberries, too!

  5. i love getting a peep into your brain - it blows my mind!!
    i will continue to live vicariously through your amazing quilting while i keep knitting my garter stitch mitered squares :)


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