Here are some felted tree ornaments that I finished this week. See a cozy theme?

Late January has settled into my bones. I only want to read, knit, bake, and watch romantic movies (I just finished 3 different versions of Pride and Prejudice.). I've made rhubarb crisp and a cheesecake this week. If this continues through the end of February, my clothes won't fit. The "should do list" keeps rattling through my brain, but it doesn't have the same pull on me. I still settle on the couch with a cup of tea, the down comforter, and a book. Usually I guilt myself if I don't feel like I got "enough done for the day." I pride myself in living in the present, but that ends up meaning that I'm living for the recent to-do list, and that I decide it is a good day only if I mark "enough" things off of the list. Homebody syndrome makes me let go of the list.