Distractable much?

I had excellent intentions of catching up on old projects and bee blocks this month. Part of that requires not picking up any new projects. Well, I might as well throw that idea out the window. The stack of fabrics from my last post has completely bewitched me. I think about them when I sleep at night, at work, in the shower, all of the time.

So, I had to start cutting and rearranging.

arranging the blades

And while that looked okay, I knew I didn't want a perfect dresden plate.  Then I was consumed with which leaves needed to be cut and pieced back together.

slowly piecing

It took two and a half days to sew it together, but I have to admit that I like it. 

all sewn up

Now my brain is busy processing what fabrics to use for the center and the background....

As if I'm not busy enough...

...Lynne from Lily's Quilts had to tempt me with a quilt along.  The reasons not to participate are as long as my to-do list.  But, the reasons to join in tipped the scales: gorgeous quilt pattern, fantastic inspirational quilter leading it (click and then don't wash your eyeballs for at least a week), a chance to learn to sew curves (!),  more jaw-dropping inspiration in the Lily's Quilts flickr group, and seemingly innocent quilting question threads that unexpectedly send your mind into the gutter (I'm not linking that, you'll have to find it yourself).  Do you see why I couldn't turn it down?

This is the first quilt project that I felt really free to dig deep in the fabric stash to pull all of the lovely bits together.  It took a little help from a friend (thanks Melissa!) to give me some direction.  But I feel like I'm on a roll now.  The to-do list will be there next week.

mini quilt stack for QAL


I thought Henry was the one obsessed with buttons.  (Is button-pushing a compulsion in all toddlers?) Well, tonight I've been obsessed with getting my bee, swap and quilt-a-long buttons working in the sidebar.  And now they do.  Feel free to push buttons to your heart's content.  :)

But first, you have to check out fun house mirror photos of Henry.  He said "shirt" when he saw these pictures.

little big

8 blocks down

In my last post I mentioned that I have 13 blocks to make this month and 9 quilts to finish. Well, 8 out of 13 blocks in 2 weeks doesn't seem too shabby.

I didn't have the heart to send back Eileen's fabric for the Sew Buzzy Bee until I made one more block.  My brain was obsessed with trying a light/dark version of a string block.

another string block for lucky_charm

Amy of the It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee asked for simple, improv, square in square, less is more blocks.  Mostly, she asked us not to think too much when sewing it.  I like this block a lot and I think I need to explore this aesthetic again soon.

simple, square, improv for bix and bee

And, it is the end of another quarter in the 3x6 Bee.  I use two and a half months to dream about my 6 blocks being done.  Then I slowly make one of 6.  Then I become obsessed and sew like a madwoman until I finish all of them.  This quarter I used the star pattern from sewtakeahike's funky peppermint table runner pattern.  Then I trimmed the blocks to 8.5x9" and sashed them to get a 12.5" square block.  Below are all 6 blocks in the colors requested by my swapees. 

3x6 bee, hive 15, 1st quarter, mosaic

5 more to go...

Another Fabric Swap

We've been really sick over here for over a week.  I have tucked some sewing here and there, but no outdoor photography for the sick girl.  In fact, in 8 days, I've only been outside to get the mail or to go to the doctor's office.  I think I've turned the corner though, so I hope to have some bigger updates in a few days. 

And now onto fabric swap news.  I did receive my squares from the I Spy Swap.  In the next few months you'll see not one, not two, but four I Spy quilts made from fabrics I've collected, scraps from friends and squares from the swap.  I have big, big plans.

But, that swap wasn't enough.  I also signed up for the Color Wheel Charm Pack Swap over at fabriKate.  My color to send out was aqua (the argyle and the safety pins are my favorites).  I'm anxious to see the rainbow of squares when they show up in my mailbox.


I just counted the number of bee squares that I owe by the end of the month: 13!
and the number of unfinished quilts I have been actively working on in the last few months: 9!

Pretty rainbow squares might have to wait a little while....