The bee blocks keep drifting in to my mailbox this month. I've been finishing them and sewing them together into my quilt top. I'm up to 15 blocks, and 8 of them are from the bee.  What do you think so far?

bee quilt progress


bee quilt progress

Sunglasses, anyone?

Don't these blocks look summery?  They are for Sarah in the May Moms Bee.  She's making a quilt for her little girl, Grace.  If I had a quilt of these blocks I'd have to pack my suit and a picnic.

Sarah said she didn't mind me using the selvages.  I love text and polka dot fabrics, so selvages are perfect.

I hope you all aren't tired of string blocks because I'll have another update on my string block quilt, soon.

Bookworm Corner

The book corner of our living room looks like this two or three times a day.  Our little librarian needs to pull every book off the shelf and page through every title in the collection.  Sometimes we can catch him "reading" to himself, too.


Check out the Quilting Bee Blocks blog.  I did a guest post of my  top five favorite blocks ever!!

Erin writes the Quilting Bee Blocks blog, and she is also one of the organizers for the Sewing Summit this October.  I really, really, really want to go to that.  really.

(Sidenote: Ever since we bought a house, I look at big ticket items in terms of how many windows that money would buy.  Going to the Sewing Summit would be one and a half to two windows.  So, my creative side and my practical side have differing opinions on the matter.  Stay tuned to see which side wins.)

My turn again!

Remember back when I posted this bee block for the May Moms Bee?  I told you then that I wanted a full quilt of that block.

Well, it is my month in the It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee.  The blocks are trickling in to my mailbox and also steadily making their way off of my machine.

First, I had to get a bunch of blues and greens in the Heather Bailey Nicey Jane line.  Second,  I picked my fabrics to coordinate:

Then I cut about a billion strings to mail off to the Green Bee participants.  And then I cut another billion more for me.  My first block:

Then I used all of the selveges to make this block:

Then I made these three.  For each block I tried harder and harder to group colors to make them look less balanced as a block so that the whole quilt would have some variations and interest. 

Last week,  I received my first block from bee member, Sharon, or neshamamama. (The tape with the name is only temporary until the quilt top is finished.)

Then I used some sniglet scraps to make some strings and I made this block.

And here is how the first seven look together.

I swear that I tried to make an ugly block just to see if it would work in the final quilt.  With these fabrics, it just doesn't seem possible.  I'm so, so, so pleased with how it is turning out.  The final quilt will have at least 30 blocks, so I'll try not to bore you again with a block-by-block update.  I can't make any promises, though.

Small Sewing

I love a good, short, new but not too unfamiliar, useful sewing project.  That sounds like I'm asking a lot, right?  Well, this little cube bag fits the bill.

Within one nap time plus one hour of crafting while Ben and Henry made dinner, I finished all three of these.   I used this tutorial for sizing the bags and making the box corners.  I used this tutorial for the zipper seams and the bottom center seam so that I could limit the amount of raw edges inside the bag. 

I'm pretty proud of combining the two techniques to make the best bag I could. All three went out for a holiday gift, but I'll have to make some for me soon.

Quilting Bee Blocks

At this time last year, I'd never heard of virtual quilting bees. Now I'm in four bees.  I moderate one of those bees and I moderate one hive in the 3x6 bee. There are always bee blocks to be sewn or to be mailed or to be dreamed up for my turn to request blocks.   Also, there are always bee block photos to post on the blog....

So, without further ado, I bring you the blocks for the May Moms Bee:
Picnic blocks in Bliss
These go out to my friend, Anna, in Finland.  Hi Anna!  ::waving::

for the It's Sew Easy Being Green Bee:
Circle blocks in brown, green and orange
These blocks took a trip to Minnesota.

for the Sew Buzzy Bee:
Snowball blocks in Modern Meadow
These had a very short trip to Chicago.

for the 3x6 Bee:
Deconstructed 9-patch in the colors requested
These blocks went out to Colorado, Indiana, Utah, West Virginia, Missouri and California.

What would you pick if you were planning a quilt?  Are there any shapes or fabric lines or colors that you prefer?  Really, I'm asking.  I'm in charge of the blocks for the Green Bee this month (That's all taken care of.  I'll show you soon.). but I have to plan for my turn in the May Moms Bee in April.


I didn't cook very much in December.  I did make a chicken and stuffing for Christmas.  And some chicken soup.  And I mixed one batch of energy bar cookies, but Ben and Henry baked them.  Oh!  I did make a batch of gingerbread cut outs, and then burnt two pans of them and threw them out in the snow so I didn't have to look at them.  My cooking mojo is pretty sad right now.

But, my felt food mojo is pretty awesome.

The pancakes, syrup and butter were made freehand.  I know I've seen something like this before, but I can't find the inspiration photo or blog.

The bacon is my own design. 

The strawberries are my own, too.

The cookies are just pancakes with buttons sewn on for chocolate chips.

The sandwich is from Myrtle and Eunice's fabulous Let's Do Lunch Felty Sandwich Tutorial. You can find the link in her sidebar.  I machine stitched the tomatoes and I made a few less veins in the lettuce to cut on hand sewing time.

On Christmas morning, Henry wanted nothing to do with the felt food.  He was very busy giving his trains kisses and running them on the tracks.  But, since then, he's taken a break from the trains and the felt food comes out for lots of pretend munching and declarations of "Bacon?  Bacon?!" 

For the new year, I hope to do some kitchen organization/renovation so I want to cook more real food.

New Year Catch Up

Do you ever feel like the calendar keeps moving faster than you do?  I'm the kind of person that likes a certain amount of time to be quiet and reflect--especially at the end of one year and beginning of the next.  Instead, the calendar is over two weeks ahead of where I am mentally.  Quiet reflection time is hard to come by these days.  Henry has around 250 words now and is very interested in asserting his opinion (usually "no") and he's also busy running and trying to jump).  When I feel surrounded by daily to-do list items, it is hard to take a deep breath and look at the big picture.  Every night I'm going to bed after midnight even when I feel like it should only be 10:00pm.

Hmmm....   Rereading that last sentence makes me wonder if I need to catch up on some sleep first.  And take some deep breaths. 

In the meantime, know that I'm grateful for this space to express myself and for the opportunity to hear from you.  I treasure the comments and feedback here.  I'll leave you with my favorite image of the holiday season.  This is Henry "helping" with the cookie baking.