Super Late Holiday Crafts: Part 2

These holiday crafts were so late that they were completed in February.  But, they are done now and I'm lucky to have forgiving friends and a tolerant husband.

This is the popcorn and cranberry garland that took FOREVER, but it makes me so happy to see it strung on my mantle.  I might leave it up until March.

This is the hat for the family gift exchange for my cousin's girlfriend. Henry had my cousin for exchange, and that hat was completed (but never photographed) in time for Christmas, but Kim had to be patient. The pattern is the Cousteau hat with changes listed on my rav page.  (see how it matches my dining room?)

And, lastly, Tina was patient enough to wait for her linen and batik napkins. I knew I wanted to make her something from batiks, but I couldn't figure out what. Then she mentioned that she only has 2 or 3 cloth napkins. Problem solved. (By the way, I love the linen from and the shipping was super fast.)

I have some post-holiday crafting to show, too, but that will have to wait for another day.
Until then, does anyone else want to fess up to late homemade holiday gifts?

Checking in...

Henry has been sickly this week with the croup that has now turned into double ear infections and wheezing requiring nebulizer treatments.  Poor Bub.  So, that's why I've been too busy to post lately.  I will include a couple of recent photos, though.  (I have to dig through past pictures because he hasn't been too photogenic this week.)

Here he is standing up at the coffee table.  He needs help to get there, but can hold himself up to play for quite awhile.  

And here he is playing with Trixie.  She is a very patient mixer. 

And, lastly, the favorite "toys" of the moment.  My fabric tape measure and a bag of raisins.  Hours of fun for $3. 

I'm glad there is a way to keep in touch that doesn't require germ-swapping!  I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Reporting Live from Wisconsin...

Does anyone else see their day-to-day activities in a whole different light right now?  I just found myself sprinting downstairs to put a second load of laundry in the washer and hanging the first load up in record time.  Yep, I'm competing in Olympic laundry events. 

I already know what I'm going to say in my interview with Bob Costas, "You know, Bob, it's just an honor representing my community and my family.  I've been training hard for this moment for the past 8 months and it really is just an treat to be here."

Henry is hoping to compete in Olympic apple wedge gnawing as soon as it becomes a sport.  Ben is going for a personal best in paper grading.

We've all got the fever.

How about you?

still helping

laundry helper, originally uploaded by quirky granola girl.
things have been quiet here, but somebody still has to do the laundry.

it is amazing how playful babies are at this age. if I can get a decent video of the peek-a-boo giggling, I'll be sure to post it.

Learning how to eat out of a bowl

This is a good one. wait for it...wait for it......hah!

Fruit Face

fruit face, originally uploaded by quirky granola girl.

Henry loves fruit, but always winces when he eats it. He also winces with yogurt. When he gets a big reaction from us (i.e. laughing hysterically) then he'll wince with milk just to be silly.