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30 weeks and 1 day
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I guess I've finally reached the stage of pregnancy where it is okay for people to stare at my belly when talking to me. Also, when standing next to my patients in wheelchairs at the nursing home, they like to pat the belly nicely. All of my previous assertions that no stranger would be allowed to touch my belly have flown out the window at work. It is so nice to see the residents smile and reminisce about their own kids.

First Day of Spring!

Our backyard thermometer said 63 degrees this afternoon. I had some indoor plastering projects planned, but the garden kept calling to me. I did a little raking and mulching to day with Ben's help. I just have to share a couple of pictures of new growth.

Here are some of the approximately 300 bulbs we planted last fall, specifically daffodil shoots.

Here are some of the first perennials to come up this year, purple aster.

And here is a picture of my trial to overwinter spinach in my raised bed. My tiny gnome is watching over the shoots.

My gnome friend would like to wish a Happy Spring to you all.


I've had a wicked case of startitis lately. My bathroom and basement are not finished, I have a pile of sewing projects so big that I set up and filled a shelving unit, my craft table is still overflowing, and my desk is showing geologic layers. But, I did finish two knitting projects this weekend! The first is my stripey scarf and the second is the super-soft baby blankie that I started on inauguration day.

I'm still a little overwhelmed that the baby's due date is 2 and 1/2 months away, but finishing anything makes me feel like things may just be manageable.

Spring Break 2009

We frequently get the advice to go out and have fun now...before the baby comes. We are pretty sure that we'll have plenty of fun after the baby, but it'll probably be a different kind.

So, this is Ben's Spring Break week, and we'd normally try to go on a hiking or camping trip, but I can barely sleep on our bed at home let alone a camping mat in the cold. This year we took just three days to check out the Horicon Marsh and then Baraboo, Wisconsin. Tuesday's weather was in the 40's, but very foggy, so I have no Horicon Marsh photos. Ben did see some sandhill cranes, goldeneye, scaup and hooded mergansers on the trip. Wednesday and Thursday weather dropped to single digits at night and low 20's during the day. So we ate soup and sipped tea at cute cafes and played board games (we are in the middle of a winter/spring board game Olympics--results still pending). We also read books and (I) knit. This isn't exactly like a Cancun vacation, but we did get to swim in the pool at the Baraboo hotel. It was 3' 11" deep maximum and as big as a human sized fishbowl, but we had a blast.

This is my 28 weeks and 4 days belly pic in the horrible maternity swimsuit.

We had a great time doing quiet and cozy activities.

I hope you are enjoying the last of the quiet and cozy days of winter before the gardening season starts. The first day of spring is in one week!

Not for our baby

This is a long overdue gift knit for a friend's baby, Oliver, born at the end of December. (Luckily people seem more willing to forgive my lateness these days.) I don't think Oliver will remember since he hasn't been able to keep his eyes open on the other two times I've visited him.

I forgot to add the knitterly information about this sweater (thank you for the reminder, Marjory). This is a free pattern from f.pea--she generously shares free and very cute patterns on her blog. (She currently has a baby cardigan pattern that uses leftover sock yarn that looks tempting, but, I digress.) This is the Organic Guernsey pattern, 6 month size, and made with Plymouth Yarn Encore, worsted weight on size 7 circulars.

I'd like to add a big "Happy Birthday!" to my dad today. If he wasn't 6'1" and didn't hate sweaters, I might have knit him one of these and been terribly late getting it in the mail. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Bathroom Renovation: Installment Two

So, I last left you with pictures from Thursday morning. Now I have a humorous story to share about Thursday afternoon. Here is the scene:

Please note the 9" openings under the sink and the 3 feet of floor space between vanity and bathroom door. Now picture a crazy, 6 month pregnant lady laying on the floor with her head in one hole, arm in the other, one leg out of the bathroom and the other leg on the other side of the door and in the tub. Said crazy lady is rolling around on the floor and swearing at rusted plumbing fixtures installed in the 60's. I did get the faucet and sink out by myself. That night and Friday I got the vanity and flooring out, but I left the toilet removal for Ben. So, Friday night our bathroom looked like this:

All that work in less than 36 hours. The urgency of the nesting hormones comes in handy when completing renovation.

Ron installed the flooring this weekend, but I don't have pictures yet. You can expect another bathroom installment in a week or two when I've had time to do more work in there. At least it's no longer like working inside a clown car.