I think he licks it!

This red pepper is the biggest, most beautiful one I've ever grown. Of course, I can't seem to post just produce anymore, but Henry had fun licking the vegetable and tearing at the grass.

Baby in handknits

The wonderful Kristin knit this sweater for Henry. The construction is really cool. The sweater body and collar/hood is a big circle with buttons and sleeves added.

So cute

see my outfit?
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Henry wore jeans a dinosaur sweatshirt last week. He looked like such a big boy. He loves to stand. His balance is poor, but the nice chair held him up here.

Big Helper

All kids want to get their hands in whatever the adults are up to. Here's a few pictures of Henry getting his hands, butt and back into whatever I'm doing:



Raspberry Picking

He's my baby too

Most people comment on how much Henry looks like Ben. Yes, he has the big blue eyes and lips and chin like Ben. But, I found this old picture of me as a baby, and I think it is indisputable proof that Henry is my boy, too.

I'm on the left, Henry is on the right (on my lap).

The twins have landed

My friend, Krista, had twins by surrogate on the exact same day that Henry was born. Kai and Zoe came with Krista to Beloit for a visit last week.

The twins arrived while Henry was napping. When he woke up, Henry and Zoe stared at each other for the longest time. Of course, Krista and I discussed when they could start dating.

Here is Krista buried in a pile of babies:

Here are the magical sleeping babies:

When they get tired, you set them down and they fall asleep. Seriously. I have to get Henry in the swaddle in a dark room with a fan on, try a book, try the bottle and usually end up with him screaming in my ear for 10 minutes while I sing to him and he eventually cries himself to sleep on my shoulder and then I transfer him into the swing. It's exhausting. Watching these two babies just fall asleep on my couch was astounding. Is there a cable channel with babies just falling asleep?

Anyway, last photo, here is Krista scientifically trying to decide which boy weighs more.

Shortly after that, the twins took off again. We do look forward to more visits and joint birthday parties in the future. Can you just imagine three sticky babies having their first birthday cake? Should be fun.

Fall Projects

In winter, my project was cleaning and organizing the house to prepare for baby (I even organized the spice rack, the junk drawer and the basement. I can't believe I ever had the time for that). In spring I redid our upstairs bathroom and cooked a ton of food for the chest freezer (which we are still eating from!). And, you all know what my summer project was :)

In fall, I usually get the crafting bug, but this year was uncertain. I lost my knitting mojo for months, but thanks to Melissa's washcloth obsession rubbing off on me, I'm back.

Now I have 3 sewing projects floating around in my head, 3 active knitting projects on the needles, and one of my craft bins has exploded onto my dining room table.

I'm happy as a crafting momma could be with lots of inspiration, and a little bit of time to work on things.

Five years ago today...

...Ben and I met for the first time. (Newton trivia: we found each other through a dating website) We met at a coffee shop near the UW campus and had cocoa, then we walked out on the Lakeshore Path to Picnic Point and then we walked over to the Ag campus to look at the cows (I told him that we could pet the cows but the barn was locked). We talked and walked and four hours flew by like nothing. We ended the night with a simple hug and I biked home and told my housemates how great he was.

Now, here he is with a burp cloth on his shoulder and a sleeping baby in a sling. We had a nice dinner out on the deck and Ben didn't seem to mind at all that I smelled like spit up.

He still is pretty great.

Happy Night

Ben, a sleepy Henry and I were swinging out in the yard tonight. Henry really likes to be sung to sleep, so Ben was singing Greg Brown's "Spring Wind."

"Children go to sleep now. You know it's gettin' late.
I know you don't like to miss nothin' and school ain't that great.
Oh, I’ll dance with you when you’re happy, and hold you when your sad,

and hope you know how glad I am, just to be your dad."

Henry gave a HUGE sleep smile when Ben sang that last line.

Absolutely heart-melting.

From one crafter to another

I'm taking a brief recess from the baby photos to let my crafting friends know about a project to send excess fabric and yarn stash to people that need it in Iraq. The project is called Iraqi Bundles of Love and the deadline for sending a package in the mail is September 7th. I definitely have yarn and fabric that is just collecting dust around my house, so I'm going to take this opportunity (and this baby nap) to clean out my craft closet. An outing to the post office should be fun, and I'll be happy to know that my unused stuff will become raw materials for another crafter around the world.