A string of strings

A string block is one made from the skinny little bits of fabric that you usually can't use anywhere else.  Two of my bee partners for October asked for string blocks made from fabric they sent plus bits of fabric from my stash.

Here are the four 8.5" square blocks I made for mikamc.

The bright fabrics were a lot of fun to work with.  Doesn't that block scream "Summer!" to you?

Then I made a 12.5" square block for KnitterG in the May Moms Bee. She chose Nicey Jane fabrics in all of the colorways for her quilt.  I got to make a square with the cool blues and a little green.

Once I added a few fabrics from my stash, I fell head over heels for this block in this style with these fabrics.

I now know exactly what I'll be sending out in December for my Sew Easy Being Green Bee. I want a whole quilt just like this block.

Quilt squares in no particular order

Here are some of my quilt squares from the Sew Buzzy Bee. I laid them all out on my floor a week and a half ago and took a quick photo. These blocks came from the Netherlands, Atlanta, Buffalo, California, Michigan and Oregon (in addition to a few blocks that I made).

sew buzzy squares
If you click on the photo, it will take you to my flickr page 
and links to the other quilters that submitted blocks.

Since this picture, I've received blocks from Canada, from England and another from Oregon. I've also laid them out on my design wall in the approximate positions for the final quilt and put sashing around a few. I'm still waiting for one more block from Chicago. That one might be awhile, but I have plenty to work with for now.

My turn for bee blocks!

September was my turn for the Sew Buzzy Bee.  I had to design my quilt, pick out and cut up fabrics to send out and then wait not so patiently while they came in.  I'm waiting for one more set of blocks coming all the way from England, so I won't show you the blocks from my fellow bee members quite yet.

But!  I can show a lot of the process that got this quilt in motion.

First, I spent hours combing through quilting blogs and flickr groups to decide what I'd like to start with.  Here is my inspiration quilt.  I think it is a perfect way to allow my fellow bee members room for creativity, and for me to get blocks that I wouldn't have expected.

Then I had to pick fabrics.  I love color so much, that I had a really hard time weeding out different shades that I didn't want to use.  (I had a stack of red fabrics and a stack of white background fabrics that I rejected for the final draft.)  I took pictures of these fabrics on top of 4 different fabrics, and I sent those photos to three trusted friends to get extra opinions before deciding on a background fabric.  Finally, I settled on Kona cottom medium gray.

After cutting up the chunks of fabric to send out, I decided to try a few blocks in order to test out the tutorials.  I liked the blocks so much, that I had to stop so I could let my bee members have room to create.  I knew I'd have to make a number of blocks myself to finish the quilt.

I started putting the finished blocks up on my wall two days ago, and now I've sashed and sewn together four blocks.  It looks so cool that I almost can't wait to show you!

Letter to my son in the future

Dear Henry,

Today I came to get you after your nap.  When I walked in the room, you were busy sitting and woofing at your stuffed doggie.  You took one look at me and collapsed on your belly with your face in your hands.  You were hiding from me, but you were so delighted with yourself that you were kicking the bed with your feet and wiggling.  Then, suddenly, you arched up, smiled at me and said, "boo!"  Then we repeated the game three more times for good measure.  After that, I picked you up and found that your diaper had leaked.  I took off your pants and your diaper and you stood there, still boo!-ing at me, then promptly peed on the floor.  I put your diaper on you and you said, "poo."  I said, "pee."  You insisted, "poo," and I stood by, "pee," and we sweetly argued like that until you were ready to put your shoes on and then you said, "schloo."

I have never loved anyone this much in my entire life.

your mom.

Wait a second! Let's enjoy some fall right now.

After dipping into Christmas fabrics in my last post, I remembered that there has been a lot of fall celebration when I'm outside of the sewing room.

We went to the apple orchard for some picking:

We went to another apple orchard for various fall festivities:

And there were pony rides!! 

psst! he might be a cowboy for halloween if i can figure out how to do the boots. 
we don't have a horse to walk around the neighborhood, so good boots will be essential to the costume.

We've been scoping out the best pumpkins (here he is with Auntie Tina and Jody):
We've been playing at the park or on the backyard swing set nearly every day:

my dad helped me build this swing set.  i'll have to get pictures of the full set up 
once i'm done moving the flower bulbs and moving the sandbox.  this swing set is a HUGE hit!

And everyone has been wearing shoes.  Now that we have an avid walker and the temps are getting cooler, someone has learned how to say shoe, though it sounds like "schloo."
What are you doing to celebrate fall?

It's looking (a little) like Christmas

Liz in my It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee sent these holiday fabrics and asked for wonky log cabin or square in square blocks.  Looking at her inspiration gallery I could see that she liked a higher degree of wonk than I prefer.  I tried really hard to make these blocks more crooked and freestyle than I usually like.  And, it turns out that I really love them.  This design goes really well with the bright and fun fabrics.  What do you think?

My next bee blocks are out of some bright and springy fabrics. In fact, the only fall sewing I have in mind is for a Halloween costume for Henry, but I have a lot of planning to do before I attempt that. Until then, bring on the springy pinks and greens and the string blocks.  I'm not quite ready for more holiday sewing...yet.