Gardening for my sanity

After the last post, I thought that I'd better share some pretty flower pictures with you. Hooray for springtime bulbs!

All of the sunshine and 70 degree weather has cheered me up considerably. That and I took a week off of work, so I've been able to enjoy the weather and do some old-fashioned physical labor. Specifically, I decided to redo the garden path in the backyard. Here is what it looked like before. Note the bricks cracked by weeds, weather and overzealous hosta roots.

First I had to move the offending hostas to other parts of the yard. I changed the route of the path (the old one led to an old stump instead of the patio), removed the worst broken bricks, and turned the bricks with the holes on their sides. I had to dig a deeper trench, lay down landscape fabric to discourage weeds, spread leveling sand and wedge the bricks in.

Then I had to add more sand under any low bricks to level the path as much as possible. Lastly I spread paver locking sand and brushed it in between all of the bricks. The locking sand has polymers in it, so I had to hose the path 3 times to lock it in. I'm not sure how stiff the locking sand will be. We'll see. For now it looks pretty great.

Tomorrow I'll trim the landscape fabric and mulch.

Lastly, I forgot to post a picture of the Koolhaas hat when I finished it. It was done in time for the crocuses, but the picture turned out poorly, so you'll see it on my sunroom floor instead.

Rain and Sunshine

I've been waiting and waiting to post some important news on here. For 11 weeks, I was pregnant. Most of my thoughts and my knits were baby-related, which has made it very hard to come up with non-baby ideas for blog posts. 3 days from now would have been 12 weeks, thus 2nd trimester and a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately I miscarried yesterday at 3am. This means that all of the baby knits have been tucked away for the time being.

Thankfully, it is late April in Wisconsin, and we've had some good weather for gardening. The sunshine, fresh air and moist soil have helped. The bulbs planted in fall are popping up, and my plant starts and spinach sprouts get bigger everyday. I even had some friends over to knit in the backyard until it was dark enough to head inside for tea and dessert.

I hope to again find myself in the predicament of waiting to share news and not having much else to write about. Until then, it will be knitting, gardening and home renovation news all the time.

goats, yarn and sprouts

I have lots of pictures, but not much to say. Last weekend, Ben and I went to the Fiber Jubilee at Tall Grass Farm. They raise mohair goats there and it was shearing time.

The goats looked like they might be cold after the shearing, but otherwise put up very little fuss. Ben was glad that Rod the barber didn't have to wrangle him like that to get a haircut.

Then we went on to Needles 'n Pins yarn shop, right in the neighborhood. Many other knitters from the Fiber Jubilee were also spotted there picking up more for the stash. I had to get a photo of the Wall of Koigu. It is quite a sight to behold.

We missed Studio S due to crowds, but all in all, it was a great fiber day.

Lastly, I wanted to post a picture of my sprouts at 10 days old. Welcome to the world!

Spring and the world is mudluscious

There is NO snow in the backyard, AND the squirrels did not eat all of the bulbs we planted last fall! Here are some crocus sprouts!

I started my sprouts indoors (tomatoes, kale, chard, rosemary, sage, butterfly weed, calendula and zinnias), and I finally got somewhere on the hat for Colleen.

This is the Koolhaas pattern from Interweave Knits. All the cool knitting bloggers say it is an easy knit while I'm finding every fourth row to be cabling torture. But, it is a pretty springy color! I'll try to finish it in time for the crocus blooms.