I'm Back

I'm back from hormonal insanity, from blogging laziness, from knitterly hibernation on the Ektorp, and I'm back from vacation!!

Ben and I went on a camping trip along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. We left shortly after his semester ended but before the state parks get crazy with people on summer holiday. Ben is a bird watcher, so a trip near a major bird migration pathway made the most sense. (He is on bird #205 on his life list and #144 for the current year--just FYI.)

I set myself up for an experiment. Before the trip I was knitting like a fiend on a number of worsted weight projects (5) all too big to take on a camping trip. For this trip, I needed a small, portable project.....like a sock. I've knit 3 pairs of socks before, but (I hate to admit it because it feels like I'm offending the knitting/yarn gods) I don't like knitting socks. I love sock yarn. I love handknit socks. I just don't like the tiny needles or the (in my knitting experience) saggy, ill-fitting socks. That said, I got a new basic pattern, some size 1 needles and a ball of sock yarn and that is the only project I brought on the trip.

I lasted the entire drive to the first state park (Nelson-Dewey State Park in Wisconsin, I highly recommend it) and the first 2 days of camping without knitting. I talked to my husband (he's been in exam-writing, exam-grading mode so long that I forgot how much I liked talking to him.), I hiked, enjoyed the scenery, and swore while choking on smoke while cooking over a campfire, but I didn't knit. Then, on night 3, I couldn't hold off any longer.

and by the time we got home 6 days later I had this

and it seems to fit well. I started sock two last night and I plan to make some homemade sock blockers soon. I have to knit another couple of pairs before I tackle the (in my opinion) prettiest sock yarn ever.

Collinette Jitterbug in Dusk colorway

Back to our trip. I have to share a photo of the best view from the campsite ever (yes I know I'm full of superlatives today),

Nelson-Dewey State Park in WI, walk-in site C

and a pic of the man who is such a great sport when I'm taking trip pictures:

This is on a stop on our way home for some minigolf in Wisconsin Dells.
I love the logger/golfer and the stoic look on his face.

Lastly, I'll share one finished knitting project:

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs in Cascade 22o Heathers in Mystic colorway