Fall Beginnings

Technically, my fall started the last week of August. When kids everywhere go back to school, I want to start new things and learn cool stuff, too. This year I signed up for "independent study" in the following subjects:
  • jogging--I've always hated it because it made me want to puke. I'm pretty much over that after a few weeks. Ben is a very patient instructor.
  • a push-up challenge--this lasted 2 weeks only and I dropped this "course" for now.
  • private swimming lessons--I thought I couldn't swim, and now I'm doing laps! Thanks, Ann!
  • documenting all of the hostas in my yard (62 if you don't count the ones I want to dig up and give away)--This is in preparation for the spring project of rearranging the hosta beds into a "garden" look rather than chaos.
  • tearing out the garden on the side of my house and replanting it--This involves gnashing of teeth and ripping out roots and then hauling dirt in for grading and, lastly, planning where the bulbs, perennials, grasses, etc. will go. Keep in mind that this garden is at least 40 feet long.
  • and redoing the front garden--Here I have to removed the railroad ties and 1/2 wine barrel and will replace with quarry stone over buried limestone.
All of this plus the tomato and apple picking and canning that I started last fall and will continue this year. So, I have a busy semester planned out for me. Do other people do this? I'm curious as to what you may have signed yourself up for this fall.