Out for a walk

Out for a walk
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When feeding a baby food from a spoon, you know how you open your mouth to get them to open theirs? Well, I opened my eyes wide to get Henry to look at Daddy for this picture. I think it worked. We both look a little surprised.

Henry is a ladies man

Tina and Katie came to visit us last weekend before their day in Madison. Henry was a HUGE Auntie Tina fan (she's not a relative per se, but little boys can't have too many aunties). He was making eyes at her for hours on Saturday. He sampled her shoulder, as you can see:

He also showed some love by spitting down her dress (sorry Tina). Katie wasn't too sure about the baby, but Henry still liked her enough to demand his binky--repeatedly.

We are all loving the summertime visits here!

6 weeks

Henry and I had our 6 week appointment yesterday, so we all got to see Anastasia, our midwife, again. She was the wonderful lady that helped Ben "catch" Henry in the birthing tub and we will forever have fond memories of her and our birthing assistants, Susan and Tia.

Henry is growing nicely. He now weighs 10 pounds and 11 ounces. This is the only newborn-sized outfit that ever fit him, and its days are numbered.

Milk drunk

Milk drunk
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This pose earned him the nickname, "the Lazy Fat Man," for two whole days.

We are unsure if Henry will ever learn his name as his nicknames are so plentiful.
Bubby, the Bub, Bubbaloo, Buttermilk Biscuit, Butterbean, Potato Bug, Fruit Bat, Peanut Butter Sandwich and Pumpkin Pie are the current favorites.

Berry Season

July is a great month for tasty berries in Beloit. We've been picking black raspberries in the Turtle Creek Floodplain and mulberries from the trees in our neighborhood.

I usually plan to make muffins or coffeecake or homemade ice cream with them, but, instead, they get scarfed up out of the container or on our cereal in the morning. My cereal looked a little bare this morning, so we'll have to get out for a berry-picking walk again soon. Until then, here is a picture of a tired Henry after a long, hard morning of picking.

More Summer Visitors

I must admit, this week as a mom has been a rough one. Henry is still not latching on and it is starting to look like I'll be pumping six times a day for the forseeable future. I've been really disappointed about this. I also have thrush, otherwise known as a yeast infection in the milk ducts. It isn't comfortable, it hasn't gotten better in a week and a half and it means I can't have ice cream or yummy baked goods or pizza--and the list goes on.

Thankfully, we had a bright spot in our week. My friend, Kat, and her son, Oliver, came to visit. Kat is the kind of friend that notices and compliments my garden and my home renovation projects and makes me feel accomplished and capable. She also brought us food and gushed over Henry almost as much as I do. Here is a picture that looks like Henry is telling her a big story.

Oliver was exploring our house and yard and showing us the sign language he knows. He and Ben watered the flowers in the garden, too. It was fun to see what a Henry might be up to in a year and a half. Here is Oliver testing out Henry's toys. Very thoughtful.

Thanks for the great visit!

Yes, I do still garden.

Purple Poppies
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A lovely knitting friend gave me seeds last year for these fantastic deep purple poppies. They are coming up and blooming like gangbusters, so I will have plenty of seeds to share in the late summer. If you'd like me to mail you a packet, leave a comment with a link or your email address, and I'll send them out in early fall.
In other gardening news, my tomato plants are four and a half feet tall and still growing. Unfortunately, I must make a public apology to my pea and bean plants. They didn't get spoiled with all of the attention (and water) that they normally do. The pea plants are taking it really hard and I may end up with only 3 snap peas to show for it.

Proof that we still have a social life

Here is a picture of Ben and Henry with our lovely Beloit friends: Scott, Carolyn and Oliver and Kevin and Rachel. We had a picnic and listened to Music at Harry's Place and even stayed out until (gasp!) 8:30pm.

An uncle, an aunt and a cousin, oh my!

Henry got a chance to meet more of his relatives last weekend. My brother, sister-in-law and niece came for a lovely visit on Saturday. There was a lot of baby holding to go around.

We also visited 2 different parks in town. Here is a family shot at the newly renovated Turtle Park.

Henry must have had a good time with our visitors because he was so fussy after they left. I guess he doesn't know how to say "goodbye" or "I'll miss you" yet.