Big Decisions

Last week we were in Madison at the Great Dane. Ben had Henry on his lap and Henry seemed to be considering all options on the table:

small, medium, large

Look at me!

Last time Tina visited, Henry chewed on her shoulder and puked down her dress to show her how much he liked her. This time he stuck his tongue out at her for at least three minutes. He's quite the charmer.

Dance Lessons

Henry is learning the moves to "YMCA." He's a smooth dancer.

Summer Family Day

We've had a lot of summer visitors, but Ben and I haven't gotten out for any camping, paddling or hiking trips this year. Last Wednesday we resolved to go for one great day out before Ben's school semester started. We took a scenic drive through Monroe, Argyle, Mineral Point and Dodgeville, WI. We stopped at Yellowstone Lake State Park for lunch, ice cream and a hike. Henry wasn't too interested in the bat house program there, but we thought it was pretty cool--especially when the mosquitoes didn't maul us while hiking.

Then we drove near Spring Green to stop on the Wisconsin River. We lounged on a blanket, had a picnic and we did a crossword puzzle in the shade while Henry studied the leaves in the trees.

I didn't capture on film any of the beauty of the driftless region of Wisconsin because I was too busy taking cute baby pictures. I'll have to remember to point the camera away from the baby next time we go on an adventure day.

Baby and baby carrots

My garden has been neglected this season. I should have thinned the carrots weeks ago, but I never got to it. This week I just decided to pull all of them. They were tiny but tasty, and pulling root crops is so much fun that I just couldn't help myself. In other garden news, my snap peas were pitiful for the third year in a row. (Please leave a comment if you have any snap pea growing expertise. I'd love some tips.) My pole beans, though, are producing like mad and my tomato plants are six feet tall again.

Haille and Henry

Haille and Henry
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Haille was great with Henry. She helped with changing diapers, changing clothes and unbuckling the car seat. She covered him in stuffed toys and tiny blankets, too. She also liked to hold him. She'd carry him like a 5 year old carries a kitten if you looked away for just a second. I think Henry's expression in this picture shows his astonishment.

Bay Beach

Last week (was it really over a week ago? where does the time go?) we made our first overnight trip with Henry. In fact, we stayed three nights in Green Bay with my brother and sister-in-law (they were fabulous hosts for a couple with a new baby--thanks guys!). While we were in Green Bay, I had to take my neice to Bay Beach. Bay Beach is a great amusement park with carnival rides that still only cost 50 cents. I've taken Haille there every summer since she was one and a half. Now it is Henry's turn at only 2 months old.

Here are my parents and Haille on the train. Henry slept through the long line and the ride.

Henry woke up a little for the helicopters...

...and he was fully awake to enjoy the carousel.

We had a great time at the park and on our visit to Green Bay. This was the first of many summer trips for this little guy.


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Ben was able to capture a smile on the camera! Last week Henry was terrifically fussy and barely napped at all. Starting Friday night, he remembered how to nap and we've been getting more smiles since then. He's also found his fist and has been gumming it voraciously.

8 weeks old

"Mr. Turtle was so two and a half minutes ago, Mom."

Funny Face

Funny face
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Henry is able to smile now, but we have been unable to capture one on megabytes. Until then, he can make other faces for you.

Grammy and Grampy come to Beloit again

No one can stay away from that sweet baby head smell for long, least of all, my mom.

Henry had a bit of a fussy weekend with Grammy and Grampy (though my mom laughs when we say this because my brother had colic--bad). He did like making eyes and telling tall tales with Grandma. He also showed off his tie-dyed onsie (courtesy of Kristin--thank you!) to Grandpa.

Henry was bored to sleep by our visit to the campus,

but he liked our visit to Turtle Island playground. I've never taken a newborn to the park so much, but it is fun to watch the older kids play and picture a day when he'll be climbing around.

More relatives to meet!

Back on July 20th (I'm terrifically late in posting this) we were visited by the last of Henry's closest relatives. Ben's sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew came from Minnesota to meet Henry. Miriam and Chris blessed us by watching Henry so Ben and I could get out for a walk together and a swim at the Beloit College pool. It felt really strange to leave the house without the baby, but it was so nice to have some time to ourselves. Henry really enjoyed spending some quality aunt and uncle time with them both.

Henry also liked playing with his cousins. Noah entertained him and showed him how to use his activity mat toys, and Amanda held his hand and sang to him for at least an hour.

Other visit activities included Chinese takeout, lunch at Bushel & Peck's, a walk to pick mulberries, Chris's delicious pancakes, a campus tour, and a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders.

Thanks for a great time!