More Bee Blocks

I mentioned the 3x6 Bee a couple of weeks ago.  Here are my last four blocks for this quarter.  I'm satisfied with how they all turned out, but this aqua and lime one was hard to send off.

Which one is your favorite?

Walking now.

walking, originally uploaded by quirky granola girl.

Ben took this video over the weekend. As of Sunday, he could take about a dozen steps with encouragement. Now he follows me from room to room to room. We are very happy and very busy.

Busy Bee

I don't think I mentioned this before, but I'm now in four quilting bees.  And, it might be excessive if it weren't so much fun.   I love having a reason (and a deadline) to sew something pretty all year long.  I get to play with other people's fabric.  I learn new techniques and try blocks that I wouldn't choose on my own.  I can ask questions of my other quilter buddies, and I see how other quilters turn some of the same fabrics into completely different blocks.
Have I convinced you to join in yet?

Well, I've been a very busy bee in the past two weeks.  First up is my third month for the Sew Buzzy Bee.  Here are two blocks for Simone in Canada, and she's making a quilt for her little girl.  These pink and yellow lemonade blocks (complete with fairies and princesses!) are just the thing for a four year-old.  Simone requested right angles only, and this is what I came up with.

Here are two of my six blocks for the 3 x 6 Bee.  In this bee we use our own fabrics and have three months to make blocks for six different partners.  Each partner picks the colors they want and you make the same style of block for each person.  I chose to do the Map of the States block.  The due date is the middle of the month, so you'll be seeing four more of these soon.

And this is my first block for It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee.  Tracy is making a quilt for her mom out of Asian style fabrics and requested log cabin blocks with a fussy cut of a geisha in the middle.

The final bee that I'm in is one that I started with my mom friends from ravelry.   The May 2009 Moms Bee has slightly looser date deadlines since we each have a toddler running around at home.  Jessica asked us all to make star blocks with Good Folks prints.  I'm assigned two blocks this month.

Whew!  That is a lot of sewing photos. You'd hardly believe that I have my hands very full these days because Henry just started walking!!!!

Before and After

Before haircut:

(He watched Sesame Street videos on youtube and was very, very good during the whole operation.)

After haircut:

He looks so grown up, doesn't he?