As you know from my last post, my Hexie quilt is in Blogger's Quilt Festival  (in the Wall Hanging category).  

hexie quilt finished!

But I'm also delighted that two(!!) of my other blocks ended up in some really, really amazing group quilts quilts in the Festival.

I was asked to add a block to the Baby Pink Penguin Quilt organized, sashed and quilted by Krista of Poppyprint.  Most participants made two blocks, but I just made one since the blocks were due during my move.  The finished quilt is here (Ayumi's photo).  And Krista's Festival post is here.


And my potter's studio block was part of Amy's (of During Quiet Time) fabulous, fantastic Artist Studio quilt.  Amy's Festival post is here (seriously, my favorite quilt of the year by far--go click NOW!)

Art Studio Theme

I'm so proud to be a part of both of these amazing finished quilts. In recent days I've been saddened by some of the, in my opinion, hideous changes to flickr. But these finished group quilts help me to remember why the flickr community has been so great.  The inspiration that I get from working with uber talented people and building off of their ideas is invaluable.

So, with that said, if you haven't had inspiration overload already, go check out more of the entries in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.

I'm off to do some quilting, quilt back sewing and more basting.  I'm working on three quilts right now and I just finished my first sewn shirt for me!  When I get a minute to take some pictures, I swear that there will be a lot of posts happening here.

Blogger's Quilt Festival--Spring 2013

If you are new to my little corner of the blog universe, welcome.  I'm thrilled to share one of very favorite quilts with the Blogger's Quilt Festival--Warm

hexie quilt finished!

This quilt measures roughly 32 x 28 inches, and is made of 258 different 1" hexies of my favorite  stash fabrics.  It is hand basted, hand pieced, hand quilted, and hand bound with an extra 76 hexies, just to finish the uneven edge.  I used a unique method from Amy of badskirt

This quilt was a labor of so much fabric and stitchy love that I'm so so proud to have it hanging on my wall in my sewing room.


hexie project

hexie quilt edging

hexie quilt edging

Now go check out some of the other amazing submissions to the festival!

I submitted my quilt in the Wall hanging Quilts Category.

Thinning the pile of quilts here

My parents were just here for a visit and I ended up sending four quilts home with them.

One for my dad:
QAYG Retreat Quilt

One for my aunt:

And two baby quilts for a charity auction:
Zigzag Baby Quilt

Baby Bliss--done

But, before I sent them, they all needed labels.  I love the look of hand embroidered labels, but that was not going to happen.  So I tried stamped labels.

stamped labels

stamped labels

I ordered the fabric ink online and I got the letters and the clear acrylic press at Joann's.  It feels good to get quilts labeled with more than scribbling with a Micron pen. 

I didn't get a picture of the stack of four folded quilts that my parents had to haul home.  We had to loan them a piece of our luggage for the plane ride.  But now I have more room to make more for the stack of quilts to stay here.

It takes a village

I am so so pleased to show this quilt.  Mommy Neighborhood is my first ever bee quilt finish.  It is also the first that I have mixed hand and machine quilting. 

Mommy Neighborhood

The texture of the hand quilting portion is pretty amazing.  I only wish I was a better photographer to capture the white on white.

Mommy Neighborhood

But this Mommy Neighborhood quilt is so much more than the fabric choices and the quilting.  I am grateful to my friends that made some blocks for me:  Rachel, Sarah, Jessica, Anna, Keri, Karen, Vanessa, and Veronique.  These and other online knitting friends (Katie, Laura, Suvi, Jennifer, Sindu, Charity, and Sheryl) were there for me during my pregnancy and ever since Henry was born.  They all have children Henry's age and we've become friends through sharing our trials and joys in raising our kids.  They were there for me through insomnia, severe infection, postpartum depression, anxiety attacks and Henry's diagnosis of autism.  Their commiseration, humor, acceptance and encouragement have helped make me into the mom I am today.

Mommy Neighborhood

Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child.   
This quilt will hang on my wall and remind me of the village that it takes to raise a mom.  

Mommy Neighborhood

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my friends.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

Notes about this quilt:
  • the green strips of lawn were inspired by this quilt,
  •  I have two tutorials posted for making tiny house blocks if you are interested:  one and two.

"I think I like you"

I think I like you--top

I'm so happy that I'm finally making a quilt for my husband.  He puts up with a lot of nonsense from me and he's extremely supportive of my quilting habit.  I tend to hog my summer blanket, so it is about time I made him one of his own. 

Each block is 10" and the finished quilt is seven blocks wide and nine blocks long, so it is roughly twin size. 

Figuring out my last few blocks with @hootnhaller.  Thanks for all of the help, Anna!

I'll use bamboo batting again to make it a nice, lightweight quilt.

In case I forgot to mention earlier, the pattern is Boy's Nonsense, a tutorial by Leila of Where the Orchids Grow.  It is a really striking pattern and I love how much she taught me about value in the process of picking out fabrics for these blocks.

I'm losing steam on this quilt.  But now I only have three more blocks to go.

My parents are visiting this week.  My dad is 6'1" and he still had to stand on a stool for the photography session.  He was just as patient as Ben is when holding quilts up for the proper photography :)

I think I like you--top

This quilt is called "I think I like you" and is named for a song that we both like.  The quote, "I'd watch C-SPAN with you if you asked me to," always cracks me up.  Isn't that what like/love is all about?

Oh, Hi!

I feel a little lost with blogging ever since joining instagram.  It is easier to post a quick picture and a few words than come up with a whole blog post.  So, I'll just jump right back in.

We went on a short camping trip with the best little camper!  Henry is finally understanding what we mean when we say, "Stay close to Momma!" (or Daddy).  It was so great to not be running three campsites away every few minutes or trying to touch the fire over and over. 

I love a good campfire.

And the state park had the biggest, coolest playground I've ever seen. The kids were using so much imaginative play and there were some adults (besides Ben and I) playing on the tires, too. 

xoxo this little guy

Coolest playground ever!

And another reason that I'm a proud momma:  Henry is doing well with potty training for pee!  Well enough that we packed his travel potty seat and set it up at the campsite.  That is a pretty great view for potty time, don't you think?

H's potty seat view is pretty incredible while camping.