Happy Halloween!

Skelly doll done ✔. It only took 2 years 
to attach the arms and legs.

I finished sewing his treat sack last night and today I watched him do the costume parade at school with his favorite classmate, Niki. I can't wait for tonight. I really think that we may make it to two or three houses successfully. If we can do all 5 hou

I hope you are all having a fun time trick or treating!

Good Sports

I asked Ben if he wanted a new winter hat or scarf or mittens this year as I was perusing pretty patterns on Ravelry.  He said he wanted an ear warmer and a neck warmer for when he rides his bike in the winter.  I thought I'd get a chance to pick a cool pattern or try some two color knitting, but no, he just wanted plain and 2x2 rib.  He dug through my stash and picked some Cascade 220 for the headband and then he wanted the Noro Cash Iroha for the neckband.

So, I took a break in knitting some fun stuff for me in order to keep him cozy.

But he is an excellent sport when modeling new handknits.  Here is his rock n' roll look,

the rock 'n roll

happy jogging man,

the happy jogger

and the Ron Swanson.

the Ron Swanson (minus mustache)

Still finishing things

Back in January, I declared 2013 as the Year of Completion.  Well, I've been chugging along on my quilting UFO's (unfinished objects) and have made great progress.  I've been pretty good about not starting new quilt projects, too.  There have been a few garments and a couple of baby quilts for gifts, but I have really held back in starting new epic projects.  (Beware, I have two big ones in mind that I will probably start in January 2014--maybe even when the clock strikes 12:01am....)

So, all of this is to say that I've been a very good girl.  And, earlier this month, when I was so sick of staring at the same sewing projects that I had to wander off, I picked up some old knitting WIP's (works in progress).

I finished mittens that I started 21 months ago.

Nearly done with mittens that I started 21 months ago. #handknits


I finished a charity baby knit that I started 11 months ago.

Tiny sweater. #babyknits #finallyfinishing

And then I tried to finish a sweater that I started over five years ago.

Well, my knitting gauge is much smaller than it was five years ago, and I'm (ahem) not smaller than I was five years ago.  So, the size I had cast on for was incorrect at this time and then I knit one front of a cardigan that was 2 inches narrower than the other side.
My last old knitting WIP. I started this in 2008!! It is a Hey, Teach! cardigan in Berroco Inca Gold.

So, I had to rip out all of this delicious texture. (sad face)

I have another plan for the yarn and I'm already 11 rows into it.  I'm cheating on my old quilting projects, but the fall winds demand that I knit, so I'm listening.

Another installment of Barbie knits

This space has been quiet lately and I think it's because my knitting mojo is back in full swing.  You've gotta love fall as a knitter.  I've been churning projects off of the needles, taking some (occasionally lousy) pictures and then knitting something else.  Sometimes I even spend a full day or two agonizing about what I will knit next.  But today I'm taking a break in the agonizing to post some pictures of recent Barbie knits.  I think this may be my last Barbie knit post for some time...I think.

First up is a collared shirt.  Pattern #0133 on stickatillbarbie.se
I stitched the collar down with a little thread because it really wanted to roll back up.

more Barbie knits

These pictures are pretty grainy since it was such a dreary day.  I managed to comb out the knots in (Hispanic Presidential Candidate) Barbie's hair the day before this photo session.  Then Henry promptly used her to drum on the walls so she is a disaster again.  I'm not redoing that hair until I absolutely have to.

For the ruffle skirt I used pattern #1005 pink dress (on stickatillbarbie.se) to learn how to do the ruffle and then made it into a skirt when I got to the waistband. 

more Barbie knits

I'm particularly proud of this jumpsuit knit.  I made up the pattern for this myself.  I knit it in the round from the bottom up and had up to seven needles going at once to join the two legs together, but the pattern is completely seamless!  (I get excited about the small things.)

more Barbie knits

This cape may be the most and least necessary accessory at the same time.  Does Barbie really need a cape knit in Madelintosh yarn leftovers?  No.  But, will my creative Barbie-playing friend be able to do some cool pretend play with a hooded cape on her Barbie?  Yes.  Decidedly yes.

more Barbie knits

Cape is pattern #1022 on stickatillbarbie.se

Now I have to sort through the rest of my knitting photos to decide what I should share here next...
And then I have to finish the cutest little Halloween treat bag in the universe! Stay tuned.

Quilting progress

I basted my Farmer's Wife quilt a month ago.  A friend let me borrow her quilting frame to thread baste it on. 

My Farmer's Wife quilt is all stretched out and ready for thread basting!

Since then, I've been slowly chipping away at the hand quilting on the sashing.  I'm using a single strand of Presencia thread and a size 9 straw needle.  I'm pleased with how the tiny stitches are working out. 

Hours and hours of teeny gray stitches on gray fabric.... My #farmerswifequilt posts probably look pretty boring, but I love how it is turning out.

I've been counting the blocks as I go to keep myself motivated.  So far I'm at the sashing of block 34 out of 121.  The tiny stitches of gray on gray gets a little boring, but I love how it is turning out. 

Once the sashing is all quilted, I'll move on to the colored size 8 perle cotton big stitch quilting. I think that part will move pretty quickly and it will be a lot of fun to add a little more color to these blocks.